Don’t Believe Your Salary Can Go From £27k To £100k+ In As Little As 3 Years?

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I’ll show you exactly how to master the Excel skills you need in the real world to climb the ranks to 6-figures at large, global corporations – including the very system that gets you noticed by Execs

Don’t waste hundreds of hours learning Excel skills high-value professionals don’t actually need in the real world. EXCEL YOUR CAREER has helped [2000+] professionals conquer Excel, automate work, and accelerate their career progression to get promotions and salary increases ahead of their peers.

Whether you are beginner or advanced, take part in this unrivaled training in Excel, VBA, Data, Visualization and Business Intelligence coupled with strategic career progression training and hands-on coaching from top professionals… You are about to take your career on a STEEP upwards trajectory.

In case you have been thinking about improving your Excel skills, you might want to take a look at some of the responses I’ve had from my students…

“Using all those techniques (you taught) in 3 weeks I have managed to get two offers already…I don’t think I would have been able to land those jobs without your help, you are a great mentor with a great course.”

“I got offerred a position in Abu Dhabi, it was my Excel skills that wowed them. I am so grateful I signed up for your course, it has been a game changer for me”

“I have just landed an end to end Supply Chain Analyst Job. I used the material from ‘selling you’ and it only took 1 interview to get it!…Thank you so much for your precious guidance and knowlege”

If you are look for serious results in your career like these, then read on…


PREMIUM ACCESS to my very best Training, Support and hands On Guidance consisting of specialist Video Courses, Articles, Practice Files and Support on Excel, VBA, Data, Business Intelligence, Visualization skills. Not only that but the reasons we are called ‘Excel Your Career’ is because we also have a vast collection of Career Progression training, powerful guidance you won’t even learn in top Business Schools.


  • Go from Beginner to an Advanced Excel Expert
  • Learn VBA, automate your work and save hours of time on reporting and analysis
  • Seamlessly summarise your data with Pivot Tables
  • Create world-class Dashboards and Reports
  • Save huge time and hassle in gathering/cleaning your data with Power Query
  • Master PowerPivot to quickly deal with large volumes of data
  • Create amazing enterprise Business Intelligence visuals with Power BI
  • Move away from Excel when your data needs evolve with SQL Server training
  • Learn the secrets of securing a high paying job that rewards your skills

Full Access To Our Entire Course Library

Master Excel Skills And Improve The Way You Work


Your journey starts here as we take your Excel skills from beginner to intermediate

Course Details


Become a master of Excel: formulas, functions and analysis

Course Details


Access amazing Tools & Templates used in big global companies

Course Details

Harness The Power Of VBA To Automate Your Work


Rapidly learn the basics of VBA/Macros to prepare for automation

Course Details


Automate your work, save hours every week on reporting & analysis

Course Details


Use Excel to control your Word documents and PowerPoint packs

Course Details

Easily Handle Data Like An Expert


Rapidly summarize your data with Pivot Tables

Course Details


Upgrade your data skills & summarise bigger sets of data like a pro

Course Details


Master this great tool to easily gather, clean and merge your data

Course Details

Create Powerful Business Intelligence


Build dashboards and reports that create insights for Executives

Course Details


Power BI is an amazing tool for creating robust & shareable reports

Course Details


Build databases and master the art of querying with SQL

Course Details

Progress Your Career & Become Productive


Insights from world class experts to secure your dream job

Course Details


Learn the secrets of using LinkedIn to get noticed by employers

Course Details


Mindset, productivity and secrets of rising to the top in your career

Course Details


Most of our students are corporate professionals, here are the roles some of our students occupy and we can help you progress with:

  • BI Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Architect
  • Business Manager
  • Change Analyst/Manager
  • COO Resource
  • CPA
  • Data Analyst
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Financial Controller
  • HR Analyst/Manager
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • M & A Analyst
  • Management Accountant
  • MI Analyst
  • Organisational Design Consultant
  • PMO (Analyst/Manager)
  • Portfolio Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Reporting Analyst
  • Resource Analyst
  • Systems Analyst



When you sign up (to the Annual option), I will ask you where you currently are with your skills, where you aspire to get to and I will PERSONALLY give you a roadmap to get there! No other cours providors and big e-learning companies do this to this extent, they are driven by profits but I am driven by your success.

This isn’t some impersonal, cold, robot-like AI technology I, Sohail, myself will give you a PERSONAL video response tailored just to you! I have found this approach to lead to MASSIVE success with our students. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping our ambitious students and I have the experience to give the very best guidance and recommendations.

But wait!…There’s more!


Not only do you get a Roadmap with the Annual option but we will also talk directly on Skype/Phone at a time of your choosing and really dig in to your skills and your career. Our time ranges from very specific solutions you are trying to implement to specific career advice on how to plan your promotion and negotiate a big raise.

Discussions, emails and video responses to your questions

We place a strong emphasis on support, by responding to you within lessons, via emails and through our famous individual tailor-made video responses where necessary, you will have a transformational learning experience with us!

Training built by experienced professionals

Our training wasn’t built from researching the subjects, we are all experts with 10-35 years industry experience of using these tools to their fullest. We are here to teach you the best of what we know works!

We are Focused on Your Career

We are the only Excel & Data training team that is focused on your career, by supplementing all our skills training with rock solid guidance on how you move forward in your career as your skills improve


Below is a breakdown of what all the training and support would cost individually…

Course Price Course Price
Beginner To Intermediate Excel $29 PowerPivot  $99
Excel Expert $119 Excel Dashboards & Reports Mastery  $249
Excel Templates  $49 Power BI: Beginner to Intermediate  $99
Introduction to VBA & Macros  $29 Power BI: Advanced  $99
VBA For Professionals  $119 From Excel To SQL Server  $78
Automate MS Office with VBA $49 Win Your Next Job: Selling You  $99
Pivot Tables $79 Win Your Next Job: LinkedIn Mastery  $99
Power Query $99 Mentor: Midnset & Productivity  $99

The Total Cost of All The Training In The Library Alone is $1491

The Cost of the tailor made Roadmap is $199, The Cost of the 60 min Skype/Phone Call is $299

The Total cost is $1989, but I’m NOT going to charge you that…

Your Investment Today



  • Access to Entire Training Library
  • Exercise Files
  • Tools & Templates
  • Support & Discussion
  • Completion Certificates
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Get Two+ Months Free Training
  • Personal Skills Improvement Roadmap
  • Download And Keep All Training
  • 60 Min Skype Call with Sohail



  • You believe in just getting the next tip and tactic to put out the immediate fire… “Can you just do this one bit for me in Excel? I don’t need to understand how it works”… and going through your career like this, one day, one tip at a time…

(rather than putting in the work to master a skill you’ll have for life)

  • You can’t leave the office until 8-9pm because you wasted the day moaning and complaining about your workload

(rather than being home by 5-6pm because you know how to get your stuff done and you can handle a higher analytical workload that others can’t)

  • You are an engineer/developer who is a purist when it comes to Excel/code and you want perfect coding or formulas every single time

(rather getting enough code to automate and then step back into the real world)

If you answered TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now. Because Excel Your Career is NOT for you.

But if you answered FALSE and you are an efficient financial professional determined to be in the top 1% of earners but still come home at the same time as everyone else…

… someone that Execs can rely on and give more work to because they know you will deliver it on time

And you want to FINALLY stop wasting time on hypothetical apples and oranges skills and get the actual skills, tools and templates used in £mm+ projects that YOU can plug-and-play to automate YOUR work

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.



Sohail Anwar

“Our Excel, VBA and Career Progression mentor is Sohail Anwar, a Londoner who has spent over 13+years working on major projects in global investment banks going from junior to senior roles in the process. Strong Excel skills played a huge role in helping Sohail get promoted along the way. Sohail has trained and coached 2000+ professionals online & in person. He has a long list of students who have become six figure earning professionals”

Sheila McLean

“Our Excel Course Manager Sheila McLean, originally from Glasgow, Scotland has spent over 15 years working on major projects in global companies in Banking, Energy and Retail. As a PMO she has extensive experience of using Excel for project management”

Ross Hughes

“Ross covers our Power Query & PowerPivot Training. Ross spent 25 years at IMS Health (now part of IQVIA) which provides data solutions for pharmaceutical market research. At IMS Ross was lead architect for Data Warehouses, and more recently Technical Lead for the Technology Innovation team where he worked on many projects using Power BI amongst others”

Andrew Ward

“Andrew Ward covers our Power BI & SQL Server Training. He has a decade of experience completing Business Intelligence solutions for clients ranging from small to large companies across emergency services, marketing, healthcare, government, insurance, mobile, retail, hospitality, and finance industries.”

Dave Fecak

“Dave Fecak is one of the world’s foremost experts on Career Management, Resume/CV writing and Job Searching. With over 20 years as a head-hunter/recruiter, Dave now runs and in the Win Your Next Job course, he shares some of the most valuable insights you will gain on all things related to securing your dream job.”

Mark Williams

“Our LinkedIn instructor is Mark Williams AKA Mr LinkedIn. One of the world’s foremost experts on using LinkedIn to advance your career. Aside from running the popular podcast ‘LinkedInformed’, Mark has a 20+ year career in the recruitment industry which he calls on to give rare insights.”

Here’s what some of our thousands of students have to say about our Training

“After taking this course I was promoted to Senior Financial Analyst “

Kiran Arain

Senior Financial Analyst, Canada

“I applied many of the skills I learnt through your excel course to automate many aspects of my work and it has been a huge help. My next step is to improve my VBA skills!”

“Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals”

A. Saleem

Investment Banking PMO, London

“This course is excellent. The Skills I have developed have given me the confidence to tackle advanced problems in an Investment Banking environment. Unlike other courses, the tutorials are practical, to the point and are relevant to professionals. I would highly recommend this course.”

“For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst.”

James Barton-Ginger

Senior Project Manager, New Zealand

“Sohail’s courses have provided me with the guidance and traction to hugely grow my earnings – in fact trebled my income over the past few weeks upon completion. This was due to the fact there’s a formula that for me clarified core missing pieces. For me this has been a real game changer and a catalyst.”

“In the 2 years since I purchased your course my income has increased 92% and with more experience it is only going to jump up even higher!”


PMO Analyst in Banking, UK

“I can honestly say that your Excel course was the best investment I have made in my career. From learning a few advanced techniques and applying them where needed I have added a great weapon to my arsenal with regards to getting new contracts. In the 2 years since I purchased your course my income has increased 92% and with more experience it is only going to jump up even higher! Thanks for the help and support and I wish you well!”

“Don’t tell too many people, or I’ll lose my advantage!!”


PMO Consultant, UK

“Even in the preliminary module, I still found little tips that I didn’t know about – I knew this was the right course for me, and settled in for the ride.100% recommended – as your promotional material says, this is a no-brainer for every PMO (but don’t tell too many people, or I’ll lose my advantage!!)”

“Courses like this should be required by all as most people have no excel or Microsoft based training”


Accountant, Ireland

“Courses like this should be required by all as most people have no excel or Microsoft based training. This course is at a level that provokes or inspires. You can take something you have learned and apply to real life accounting or business scenarios based on the fact that your examples are real life and not 3 sales people selling apples and oranges (Such as the use of text functions, the & formula for a unique reference – invaluable in my new business)”

Watch Kiran talk about how the course helped her land her promotion as a Senior Financial Analyst

Watch Vas going into detail on how this course helped him land a role as a Supply Chain Analyst for a major corporation

Watch Marcel Thompson talk about how our course improved his Excel skills so he could better operate as a distiller in a Gin company

“I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to really learn what Excel can do. It was worth every penny”

Dawn Anderson

Data Analyst, US

“I did get promoted to Data Analyst just recently and once I get myself settled will be using a lot of what I learned in your course. I found the VBA especially useful; well really, all of it was very useful. It has gotten me thinking about better ways to manage the data and reports that I am building… now I just need the time to actually build the reports in a way that will save me time. 🙂 I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to really learn what Excel can do. It was worth every penny.”

“This course is the complete package, I would recommend this course 100% because it goes above and beyond the call of developing a skillset that can be taken anywhere but also a mindset and direction as well””

Mike Doubek

Project Manager, US

“The VBA course has been a game changer as the ability to automate was something I longed for in order to be more efficient and more effective as a professional. I also really liked the PowerPoint lesson and the Marketing Your Skills lesson. This course is the complete package, I would recommend this course 100% because it goes above and beyond the call of developing a skillset that can be taken anywhere but also a mindset and direction as well”

“I am yet to complete the course but would highly recommend it and have done so already”


Accountant, Ireland

“As an accountant, I worked with excel all day and have always been interested in getting more out of it. Having become involved with a new start-up business and sold my practice, I decided to do a detailed course in Excel in Dublin – It was very good with good insight into dashboards, index and match use and an intro to VBA. Having been aware of basic macro’s I was not happy with the VBA side of the course as it was left hanging and was of no use to me as the examples were not business related and did not inspire. It was this frustration that lead me to your course – I cannot remember how I found it but I took a free trial and thought that your examples were enough to invest given the price-point. I am yet to complete the course but would highly recommend it and have done so already. I have used the material in real life, especially the use of text functions. I have also used code having got some familiarity with”

“It worked! Thank you once again, I think I still need more practice but your coding has made life much more simple!”


Business Controller, China

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier but I needed to collect all data before collating and I managed to do this only this week. It worked! Thank you once again, I think I still need more practice but your coding has made life much more simple”

“It’s so great having a tangible tool like VBA to open doors for me. Once again, thanks so much mate.”


Accountant, London

“Completed up to the PowerPoint chapters on the VBA course – I wanted to fully get my head around VBA in Excel before I move onto PowerPoint (hopefully soon). Again, really good stuff, it’s so great having a tangible tool like VBA to open doors for me. Once again, thanks so much mate.”

“Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience.”

Laura M

Financial controller, Barcelona

“First of all just to let you know that you are a genius!! Thanks for teaching me all this stuff and sharing all your years of professional experience. I´m really learning!! (* Laura is an Excel & VBA Student)”


  • Curriculum & Structure:

    This training is strictly for working professionals. I have solved every problem you can imagine for large global companies and came to the realisation that there are only certain Excel skills a professional needs.

    My vast experience in industry means I can apply the 80:20 rule whereby I only teach the 20% of Excel skills that will give you most of your problem solving needs whether you are an Accountant, Analyst, PMO or any high value professional who uses Excel.

    I don’t just touch on 20%, I go very deep and help you to master the right topics within the context of real world problems from actual organisations (not problems like ‘if Bob has 10 apples and Karen has 3 oranges…’)

  • Tools & Templates

    I have cherry picked some of the best tools and templates I have developed in my career and give the to you to tweak, use and call your own. Tools such as Project Management Tools I built in managing $mm+ projects for Banking. How about the complete automation of Profit & Loss reporting process that I developed for Financial Controllers I worked with resulting in several hours saved on every month’s reporting. There is a growing repository of many tools, templates to make life easier whether you are an Accountant, Project Manager, Analyst, etc

  • Strong Support & Direct Access

    This is where the course shines! Our primary way to respond to your learning questions are within the lesson comments and by email. I answer many questions myself but you will be supported in 4 ways:

    1. Guiding you through your Excel/VBA/Data Journey

    “Where should I begin? Should I learn everything? Do I need to learn VBA? What about Pivot Tables? Can you just tell me what I should be focusing on?!”

    I will tell you exactly what you should focus on and where you should start with our handy guide inside the training area. If you are still unsure, just ask and I will give you a direct response!

    2. Course Manager with a professional background

    Meet Sheila!

    Not only is Sheila an Excel genius but she is a very experienced Project Manager having worked in big organisations, so her responses and advice is also in the context of making you a better professional.

    3. Questions Answered in Written & Video Format

    Now, it’s not just Sheila, but I also spend a lot of time answering student questions and sometimes I answer them in the form of Videos!

    The way it works is that below each video Lesson, there is a section to ask a question. Sheila or I, receive the question and respond with a useful answer.

    4. Email us privately

    Some students prefer to e-mail us directly, this could be to get input on a particular Excel problem they are working on not related to the course training. We are happy to oblige and provide real world input to you.

    Real World Guidance

    As I mentioned already, it’s my guidance and mentorship that sets this training apart and with that I give very practical and real world advice that is not generic. The goal is always to make you a better professional and I have the background, knowledge, career trajectory to best guide you. Here’s an example of me getting a student to focus on skill learning without getting bogged down by unproductive perfection.

  • Career Training That Complements Excel Training
    I work with outstanding professionals who are always looking to get an edge on their career prospects. Professionals who work with Excel have very unique opportunities to add value to their companies and get recognition. I have put together very unique material that shows you how to get recognition from the right people in your company but also helps you to approach your job searching much more effectively. I teach unique insights in where to find great opportunities and how to sell yourself in a way that makes you heard in today’s noisy job market and how to access great opportunities. In fact, I have found that…

High Calibre Students: Just Some Of The Companies Our Students Work At Or End Up


OPTION ONE – You can decide to stay as you are. Doing nothing differently, still looking at generic Excel courses wondering if they will help… still awkwardly asking your annoyed colleague Dave for help with that Excel formula for the umpteenth time…

OPTION TWO – You can suck it all up and decide to go at it alone. You don’t need anyone else… you can Google and Youtube your way to “advanced Excel skills” …. going from one rabbit hole to the next… and then still not being able to put together the Month End report… which gets you replaced at the next round of redundancies

OPTION THREE — or… OR… you could dump those options in the bin and instead get everything you have ever needed:

EXCEL YOUR CAREER membership that helps you master the Excel and automation skills you need in the real world to climb the ranks to 6-figures at large, global corporations..

Just putting in 30 minutes a day for 6 weeks

Without having to convince your boss to let you take a week off work for an Excel bootcamp

So that you can finally get recognition, promotions and salary increases ahead of your peers

Even if you’ve always been intimated by Excel because you have “no technical skills” or are “bad at math” or don’t have 10 hours every week to research automation tricks.

I think we all know that 2 of those options are as dead as a salmon in a fishmonger’s basket.

So the choice is yours… and you’re the one who gets to either reap the benefits or live with the consequences.

Your Investment Today



  • Access to Entire Training Library
  • Exercise Files
  • Tools & Templates
  • Support & Discussion
  • Completion Certificates
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Get Two+ Months Free Training
  • Personal Skills Improvement Roadmap
  • Download And Keep All Training
  • 60 Min Skype Call with Sohail



You no longer wake up with the dread of going in to the office knowing you are in for another day of being owned by your work

Instead you’re chilled out so you start your day by exercising, reading a book, watching your current Netflix binge..instead of the frantic panic that you need to get that report out by the end of the week…Because you’ve already got it done!

Decide to meet up with friends over an extended lunch, hit the gym or talk to your exec about that new project that needs a manager without having to worry about spending hours on your analysis and reporting

Go to bed satisfied, gratified and sleep with zero anxiety about what chaos tomorrow will bring

Go through your week with more confidence

And far less overwhelm

Make it a habit to go for a walk in the park to decompress on a Monday doesn’t seem so far-fetched any more.

Slay your annual goals 9 months into the year and feel like a bloody gladiator for doing that!

You may now reward yourself with an extra vacation! You’ve earned it

All this in weeks or a few short months

Here are more success stories shared by some of our students

Frequently Asked Questions

I love talking about support, its where we shine since our company values are all rooted in student success! We are professionals so we give the most pragmatic and practical advice knowing how your Excel skills/work/analysis will impact your team and company. You can ask us via the learning platform, e-mail us directly and if you really need to we can arrange some skype/phone time.

We are most famous for our video responses to students! If you are working on something challenging, get in touch and we will make a video to really get you unstuck. We find video is the best medium for teaching Excel skills and so it’s a huge part of our support.
However this is not just support it goes in to the realm of consulting since most of our video support for actual excel files/analysis/dashboards that students are working on!

Yes, the purchase entitles you to download and keep the videos and worksheets for life, however this is available after 30 days or if you want it earlier than it will invalidate your right for a refund, so please ensure you are happy the training is for you before you request access to downloads.

Yes, we do, we will dust it off if you need it because it rarely happens! You have 30 days to let us know that the training isn’t right for you and we will happily refund. Note, as per the above once you download the material, refunding is invalidated thereafter.

Yes, this is quite common since we focus on helping actual corporate employees. However, this needs to be done with a corporate credit/debit card. We don’t accept transfer/remittances.

Yes, we do this for companies or small groups of people, please get in touch at letting us know how many people you are looking to train and we will get you sorted.

Yes, we do and it can be displayed on LinkedIn. But know this, a certificate is not nearly as useful as your ability to effectively discuss your Excel skills on your CV/Resume and in an interview. But you can relax as we have a very powerful training that gives you very specific, actionable advice on precissely how to sell your Excel skills in your CV/Resume and in interviews in a way that gets you interviews and offers.

Being professionals ourselves, we are watching a major shift right now, work will require you to handle higher and higher volumes of data. In fact corporate jobs are rapidly evolving, and those with good data and automation skills will stand out and have their pick of the best jobs.

For the right people Pivot Tables should not be ignored
From my 15+ years of using Excel in major organisations, my rule of thumb is that if you are regularly working with mid-sized data sets (more than 5000 rows x 15-20 columns) then you should strongly consider Pivot Tables to summarise your data.

If you are a casual user of Excel then no. But if you are a more serious data user or aspire to be such as an analyst (Data Analyst, MI Analyst), a Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst/Consultant, data science professional or any other professional like an Accountant, PMO, Marketer who deals with lots of messy data then Power Query can be a game changer and can achieve a lot without resorting to VBA. It can save you so much time and make the process of analysis and reporting seamless.
If you are getting data from various sources such as databases, Azure, SharePoint, the web, Facebook, Sales force etc, then Power Query makes this incredibly easy!

No! In fact the opposite is true. If you have significant experience and knowledge in your field and you can combine that with a stronger data / automation skill set, well then you are going to become invaluable to your company. Your experience plus your newfound data / automation skills will have you creating analysis and building insights that colleagues with less experience may pick up on. I work with many colleagues in their 60’s and they are invaluable folks.