Microsoft Excel Classes – Basic & Advanced

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Do you work with Excel and want to learn how you can become more effective at your job? Sign up for our Advanced Excel Classes and improve the way you work with Excel.

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We show you how to use Excel, so you make the most of it for your work. Whether your goal is to become an Excel data analyst, do Excel inventory tracking, build an accounting spreadsheet or your own project management dashboard in Excel, we have got you covered with our Online Excel Classes.

Excel Classes That Are Designed To Improve The Way You Work

While we do offer a certification, we have found what is far more effective than giving you a generic Microsoft Excel certification is the ability to market your Excel skills more effectively.

We focus on the career aspect of Online Excel training, so we will show you how to list Excel skills on your resume, how to handle Excel interview questions and we will teach you a more effective alternative for handling an Excel Interview test rather than just worrying about what Excel formulas you will be tested on!

Our online beginner to advanced Online Excel Classes will show you how to use Microsoft Excel to solve your company’s problems through analysis, reporting, and automation.

Excel Data Analysis

Our unique approach to Excel data storage will show you how best to make an Excel database. Some of our training strategies include which Excel shortcuts are best and why you need to go beyond just Excel shortcut keys. You will learn the Excel data validation list to make Excel drop down. You will learn how to make an Excel data model and Excel modeling for a range of business problems.

Excel Reporting and Excel Templates

You will learn to create a report in Excel and then we will show you how to make a dashboard in Excel and give you access to proven Excel dashboard templates. You will learn how to build tools like an Excel project management template.

Advanced Excel skills

We cover advanced analysis techniques like using the Excel IF statement, VLOOKUP, INDEX MATCH combination and Excel AutoFilters. You will learn how to do advanced Excel lookups with Array formulas to solve complicated business problems. We show you summary techniques such as using the COUNTIF and SUMIF formulas, Excel Charts and conditional formatting which will produce the good decision-making insights for your company executives.

Excel Text Functions

A significant amount of the data we deal with on a daily basis happens to be non-numerical such as Human Resource data since it involves names. Finance data will involve reference codes. There’s certain Excel Functionality which will allow us to do that: data cleansing formulas: TRIM, PROPER & CLEAN, Information about the Text string: SEARCH & LEN, extracting parts of a Text String: LEFT, MID & RIGHT. You will learn how to set up formulas to process this information automatically.

We also strongly encourage you to learn VBA for Excel which includes our Excel macro tutorials which have the power to truly change your productivity.

Over 1000 professionals have gone through our Online Excel Classes and have solved major problems, saved hours of time, built highly praised reports and dashboard and have won promotions and new jobs. We would love for you to join the growing list of success, professionals have had with our Online Excel Courses.