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Have you been trying to boost your knowledge of Excel with books and online searches but have not improved? Perhaps you can benefit from Excel Online Training from Earn & Excel?

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If you are thinking of undertaking Excel Training Online or perhaps you are not getting very far with Excel books and googling, then read on to be aware of the challenges you might face before you invest time and money on improving your Excel skills.

First, ask yourself why you want to get better at Excel, there needs to be a reason to get better at Excel, we encourage our students to be strategic in their plan to improve Excel.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Almost every Excel course or book wants you to get ‘better’ at Excel which seems right in the first instance but, almost all of them fail at helping you answer the question “why do you want to get better at Excel?”

Most people’s response to that question is along the lines of…

  • I want to get better at PivotTables
  • I want to do VLOOKUPS
  • I need VBA skills

Beyond just an Excel Tutorial on PivotTables, formulas and Functions

We have found those to not be compelling reasons and most Excel course providers or Excel book authors will say… ‘Sure, I can help you learn those Excel skills’. Now, you may be thinking “Hey, is all this questioning necessary? I just want to learn some Excel formulas and do a PivotTable tutorial”. But without a good reason, you’ll end up focusing on the wrong skills that you won’t find opportunities to apply in your own work, consequently those Excel skills won’t be retained, and you’ll get burned out, frustrated and demotivated!

As more and more people look to get their Excel Training online, there are more places to learn however the completion statistics are worrying, with 80% of students not completing their training. Since we have trained over 1000 professionals closely, we have observed where the drop off is happening, so we have solved these issues with our approach to Excel training.

Practical Microsoft Excel Training Online that will get you noticed at work

Since the course instructor has been using Excel for over 12 years in the biggest global businesses like investment banks, we know a thing or two about how Excel is used. So, whenever someone comes to us in the hopes of improving their Excel skills, we challenge their reasons and ask ‘Why?’

Then we’ll get a slightly better response like:

  • I’m a financial controller so I need to do PivotTables
  • I’m a PMO analyst so I need to do VLOOKUPS
  • I’m a reporting manager in banking and I need to learn Excel VBA skills

Slightly better, but the reasons are still a bit random. When you are just learning random skills, that is very tactical thinking and like Sun Tzu said above, tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.

Beginner To Advanced Excel Training For Professionals

Excel skills, or more precisely, the right Excel skills learned for the right reasons fit into a wider strategy of adding value to your company and ultimately lead to career progression. We often turn down professionals to start our courses and have told them to not focus on learning Excel because it wasn’t the right move for them.  Not all Excel teachers or Microsoft Excel online classes are created equally.

So if you are a professional considering getting your Excel Training Online, know that at Earn and Excel our is focus on improving Excel skills of working corporate professionals such as analysts, accountants, project managers, PMO’s and management consultants.