How Can I Remove Spaces in Excel?

Many times, data is entered into Excel workbooks with spaces. These unwanted spaces might be at the beginning of the data or at the end, or even sometimes in between strings. These spaces can cause issues when you try to analyse the data and create reports out of it. My Excel classes will help you figure out the best ways to remove unwanted spaces in your data or data strings. Read the Excel [...]

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How Can I Password Protect My Important Excel Files?

Excel workbooks might contain sensitive information like bank account numbers, employee addresses, social security numbers, critical weekly reports a or company’s financial reports. My online Excel classes will not only teach you how to create these spreadsheets, but also how to protect them in the Excel tutorial below. In this article, you will learn to password protect an Excel file. This can be achieved by using the native GUI method or a macro. [...]

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What if I Need to Highlight Every Other Row in Excel?

You will commonly find it in good practice to highlight every other row in Excel. It is a common practice for better aesthetics. It’s more of a visual trick to improve readability so that when one scans through some data, it can prevent them from getting lost. My beginner Excel classes teach the benefits of this, as well as how to apply it to your own spreadsheets. Sure, you can sit there and [...]

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How Do I Filter Records in Excel?

Nowadays, Excel files are loaded with numerous records. In such cases, it is very difficult to find specific information quickly. My Excel classes are here to help you learn how to most efficiently navigate these spreadsheets. The Excel filter will help hide unwanted records and lets us view only necessary records on the worksheet. Can you Filter Records with Excel’s Built-In Filter? Before using the Excel filter, make sure that your data range [...]

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How do I Delete Duplicates in Excel?

When you are collating spreadsheets from several other spreadsheets, there are higher chances that the final master spreadsheet will have duplicate records. My Excel classes will teach you not only how to find these duplicates, but how to delete them as well. You must delete duplicates in Excel; failure to do so will result in wrong data representations in your reports. How can you use Excel’s Built-In Remove Duplicates functionality? This option helps [...]

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Why Do Good Excel Classes Suggest Avoiding the Excel HLOOKUP Feature?

Here’s a question I got from one of my Excel classes subscribers, Joseph: ‘Sohail, can you kindly explain how best to use the Excel HLOOKUP?’ Yes, Joseph, here’s my explanation, although it may not be very kind: ‘Never use HLOOKUPs. Never ever.’ Is that, okay Joseph? Did I cover all the points you wanted me to? Wouldn’t life be easier if I was a bit nicer and just explained the HLOOKUP to poor [...]

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How Can You Filter Duplicates in Microsoft Excel?

Duplicate values are bound to happen from time to time and you need to know how to find duplicates in Excel. Luckily for you, this online Excel training tutorial will help you understand how this is done. There are a few ways to find these duplicates. The easiest way to filter for duplicates is to use the advanced filter feature. However, you can also use conditional formatting and the countif function. How to [...]

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What Are the Best Text Functions in Excel?

One of Excel’s strengths is the great job it does of working with text information. This is truly an invaluable section in your Excel training since dealing with text data and using text functions in Excel is fundamental to most professionals. In this article I’m going to give an explanation of them, some examples and marks out of 10 for all the formulas. First let’s look at formulas that cleanse text data. By [...]

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Why Excel Shortcuts are Bad for Your Career

I am pretty darn good at Excel! I can solve any problem I need to, but one thing I am not good at is using Excel shortcuts. I know Ctrl + C (Copy), Ctrl + V (Paste) and the most important one on account of being a human being is Ctrl + Z (Undo!). Some methods of Excel training will teach you these shortcuts, but not mine. Not only do I not know [...]

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What Does an Excel Crash Course Look Like?

If you want to get good at something, you have to invest time and effort. You can go away, grab some books, peruse Youtube, Google, forums and other sources, or you can let us help you get an Excel crash course. This is a great method of Excel training for those who have minimal time to spare. Let me first spend 90 minutes taking you from beginner to intermediate Excel. Over the course [...]

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