What Reminders look like In Outlook

I thought it would a good idea to show what a reminder looks like. We have an appointment we put in as a test that just came up on the screen. We can see that it says click to snooze um click snooze to be reminded in five minutes and display actually what reminders look like in Microsoft Outlook.   How To Add Reminders In Microsoft Outlook & Its UseThat is the default that Microsoft Outlook [...]


How To Send Attachments In Outlook

Things which we have not seen yet is the attachment of documents or items, that we need to send to somebody. So, we're going to create a brand new email. So we're going to go to the Home Tab new email. We click on its new email, and we can see we have the space for body text here. As usual, we're going to select the recipient we want to send it to, and we're [...]


How To Print Calendar In Outlook

How we can organize ourselves when it comes down to printing our Calendar or our events. There is quite a difference in one thing is that. If we are not going to get as many options in terms of printing. So, if we double click on the event, we say just this one. We can on the quick access toolbar here. We can add quick print, add print preview. The print preview is always good [...]


How To Search Calendar In Outlook

How we can quickly look for things or people that we need to search throughout our calendars. So, all we have to do is go into the quick search here. We click within and say. For Example, We say Claudia, and we know Claudia appears in many meetings in all of them. We can see that we have all the meetings where Claudia is. Within either, as an attendee, it doesn't matter, so it could be [...]


The Introduction To Access Macros

We have been able to get data from excel, either by importing or linking. We can pretty much do the same thing with data that is already in another access database. Now, if you are developing some access databases for different reasons for different purposes. They still might have common data that you wish to share or to Move between databases that are achievable. So in our client's database, we might want to import from [...]


How To Create Site In Ms SharePoint

In this session, you will be taught how to use this site. You will go through some of the basics. How to use it for your day-to-day purposes so to begin using this site. We are going to need to log into office.com. There so we're just going to click the sign-in button right here. It's going to ask you for an email address. If you have a particular email you use to access your [...]


Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint

We are going to go through another useful app on the site. To demonstrate adding this feature, you can see how that works as well. Again this is the site contents page where you can see all the previously created apps. If you see this new button here, you can also add new apps. This will take us to a page where it shows us all the available apps we can use on this [...]


How To View List In Ms SharePoint

We have another feature or functionality that allows us to personalize the display of the data documents and information we have suitably. Useful for our Purposes so, firstly click the site contents button to refresh this page again. The site contents page gives us a summary of all the libraries we've created so far. So let's have a look at the employee data list. In the ribbon of this list, we can see that there [...]


What Is Relational Database In Ms Access

Now the real power of access databases arrives. When you can start using multiple tables, those tables would need to then be linked together. So firstly, before we look at the mechanics of creating a secondary table. Then a link between the tables. We need to know what is the point in having multiple tables, what's the point in the relational database why can't I use one big table you can. But it just means. [...]


Microsoft Visio Complete Intro

Welcome to the Microsoft Visio Complete Intro 2019 desktop application. We are going to go through the many different options, that are offered by Visio. We are going to look at the different shapes of the stencils. How we can create our own stencils. Our themes inserting connectors the difference between connectors and line creating diagrams flowcharts. Org charts and even an introduction to the flow plans and the many different things that can be [...]