Microsoft Excel Course

Although we have produce some of the most effective Excel courses for professionals, there are still many people who don't use Excel as much and don't need to be experts in the application. For those people we highly recommend this course created by the very experienced accounting professional Andrew Dove. It also serves as a refresher course as well as for those with an interview coming up shortly and requiring a brush up of their Excel skills.

Course Curriculum

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​MODULE ​1. ​Starting Excel

MODULE 2. What You Can Enter Into Excel

MODULE 3. Sheets, Rows and Columns

MODULE 4. Functions, Ranges and Shortcuts

MODULE 5. Formatting and Conditional Formatting

​MODULE ​6. ​​​Printing

MODULE ​7. ​Managing Data

MODULE 8. Managing Text and Working with Formulas and Functions

​MODULE ​9. Charts

​​10. Pivot tables, Power Query and Dashboards

MODULE 11. Macros

​MODULE ​​12. Intro to VBE and VBA