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Microsoft Excel Classes, Courses, & Training by EarnAndExcel.Com

Earn and Excel is about helping you, the professional, learn Excel and get the most out of it for your work and career so you can earn more respect from your colleagues, learn to add value to your company and ultimately earn a greater salary/income.

We have built online Excel courses catered to professionals who work with Microsoft Excel on a daily basis. Whether you are an analyst, project manager or accounting and finance professional this is the place to get your Microsoft Excel training.

We don’t just feed you the same old tired Excel tips and tricks that are ‘out there’, we use our experience of solving real-world problems with Excel to show you how to use Excel in ways that will fundamentally change the way you work.

  • Thinking of Excel as a spreadsheet will hurt your career, it’s a problem solving and time saving tool that does a great job of analysis and reporting.
  • Why it’s counter-productive to learn more than a handful of Excel formulas and functions, in fact it’s the creative use of just a few which is far more effective
  • Most people don’t need PivotTables. They’re not bad, it’s not to say stop using them if you do but you just don’t ‘need’ them. Alternative approaches are often far better.
  • Why you must learn VBA for Excel if you spend more than a certain amount of time working in Excel every day
  • As great as Excel is, 80% of its functionality is a waste of time for corporate professionals. Its far better to develop your Excel skills on the useful 20%. There will be a far greater return on your time investment.

What is the 20% you ask? Well, if you want to really get your Excel skills in order whether you want to know Excel basics or get stuck into more advanced Excel training then read through the blog, the guides and sign up to our Excel classes.