Beginner to Advanced Excel Expert

‘Find out how our students are gaining an unfair advantage at work with our Online Beginner To Advanced Excel Expert Course’


About this course

Excel skills are no longer ‘optional’ at work so if you consider yourself a beginner or intermediate user of Excel this course will cut through the Excel overwhelm and confusion and have you producing work in Excel that will get you noticed by your line manager, colleagues and the executives in your company.

This is the only Excel course on the market purpose built to transform the Excel skills of corporate professionals or aspiring professionals including Analysts, Accountants, Controllers, PMO’s, Project Managers, Management Consultants And Other Corporate Professionals.

If that includes you then read on to find out how this course will transform your Excel skills.


Our course has beencarefully crafted by professionals who have spent decades solving hundreds of Excel related problems in dozens of global companies

From solving hundreds of Excel problems, we have seen that every business scenario needing Excel can be boiled down to three types problems (Storing Data, Analysis and Insights) and four possible ways to solve problems (Finding Information, Using Logic, Manipulating Text and Data Summary) aka our proprietary 4:3 Excel framework.

It’s within this framework that we will teach you the best way to use Formulas, Charts, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables, Shortcuts and Other Functions.

No longer will you be scrambling for random tips, ninja tricks and shortcuts. You can say goodbye to googling for answers to Excel questions after everyone else has gone home because your report is due in the morning.

This framework is a strategic Excel system that will guide you in your work and will have you producing outstanding quality analysis and reporting in a quick time frame.

What you get in this Training Course

  • 10 hours of training split in to 68 Video Lessons
  • 12 months of support from Excel experts via e-mails, discussions and VIDEO RESPONSES!
  • Compatible with Excel Office 365, Excel 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007
  • Download videos to your device and watch offline (see FAQ for more details)
  • Excel files with exercises that help you to learn the lessons with ease
  • Track your progress and take your own notes
  • Get a certificate of completion that you can display on LinkedIn
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Course Content

1. Navigating around Excel2.17
2. Entering Information2.58
3. Navigating without the Mouse2.53
4. Basic Formatting4.19
5. Dragging & Autofill4.14
6. Copy & Paste4.52
7. Clearing cells2.26
8. Inserting & Deleting4.12
9. Date Basics2.57
10. Introduction to Formulas
11. Introduction to Formulas: Part 24.22
12. Introduction to Formulas: Autosum2.25
13. More on Worksheets6.36
14. More Borders4.51
15. Printing considerations6.31
16. Conditional Formatting8.32
17. Charts9.43
18. Autofilter6.04
19. Sorting Data2.16
20. Introduction to Text Data3.57
21. Named Ranges2.42
22. Data Validation5.27
23. Advanced Data Formatting5.25
1. The 80:20 principle & the paradox of choice16.15
2. Introduction to Excel for professionals7.59
3. Performance of Excel4.37
4. Long boring lists7.12
5. Long boring lists: Monthly Data11.39
6. Small, Mid and Large Data sets12.03
7. Locking down cells6.13
8. Finding Information: VLOOKUP19.46
9. Finding Information: INDEX & MATCH20.2
10. OPTIONAL: Excel Tables & Slicers6.43
1. Finding Information: Limit formulas14.48
2. Getting Advanced with Lookups15.4
3. Finding Information: putting it all together17.5
4. Rule building with IF13.38
5. More advanced logic building17.37
1. Working with Text5.33
2. Text Functions: PROPER, TRIM & CLEAN5.31
3. Text Functions: LEN & SEARCH7.18
4. Text Functions: LEFT, MID, RIGHT2.23
5. Flash Fill1.04
6. Text functions: Advanced Text analysis by building formulas19.58
7. Text functions: Creating email addresses to build distribution lists7.25
8. : Creating character and word count limits6.43

4. SUBTOTAL function4.48

1. Introduction to summarising2.32
2. Counting13.52
3. Summing14.01
5. Analysis walkthrough with summing and counting5.58
6. Everything you need to know about Pivot Tables in under 15 minutes14.48
7. Advanced list analysis: understanding Array formulas11.58
8. OPTIONAL: Introduction to Array Formulas18.05
9. OPTIONAL: Array Formulas for Multiple Criteria6.44
10. OPTIONAL: Array Formulas for Multiple Occurrences18.22
11. Advanced Modelling with Array formula lookups10.00
12. Dashboard and reporting practice for professionals12.52
13. Advanced Conditional formatting: Using formulas21.12
14. Advanced Conditional formatting: Beyond Highlighting11.27
1. Resource Analysis: Good practice for managing data15.25
2. Dynamic Charts15.36
3. Charting Actual vs Forecast7.33
4. Segmenting for deeper MI6.41
5. Meaningful Resource Analysis8.55


Here is a sample introductory VBA lesson