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If you’re using Excel to plan your meals and create lists, then you’re not really getting it. Excel is more than just an organizer. It’s a number-crunching powerhouse. Microsoft Excel is a tool that can help you predict future values, assess problems with your company’s spending, and create highly-readable charts, pivot tables, and graphs that will help you communicate your report to other departments.

Excel knowledge can help you earn more, get into more industries, and climb ranks easier. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics of the software or an advanced user who wants to learn a new trick and polish up on your existing knowledge, we’re here to help. We have courses that cover everything, from basic formulas to Visual Basic Applications, a language that allows you to program macros.

24/7 Support

Electronic resources are great. They allow us to compile courses and provide you, the clients, with the opportunity to study at your own pace. That being said, a problem with online courses is that you might be lacking a certain level of care that traditional courses offer. We’ve set you up with a 24/7 support line with professionals ready to help you surpass any technical issue that you might have with the courses or the software.

How can Excel Help Your Career?

Office workers who are proficient in using Microsoft Excel earn up to 10% more than their lesser-trained colleagues. Additionally, it’s easier to get better-paying jobs. Interviews also go smoother and you have access to more opportunities.

If you opt to go with Earn and Excel, after completing the course, our specialists will help you prepare for your future career. We’ll help you write up a resume that can better showcase your Excel abilities and experiences, maximizing your chance of landing a high-paying job.

From Novice to Excel Wizard in No Time

Our courses are meant to help anyone. If you’re planning on getting started with Excel, then we’re here to teach you. Learn the basic formulas and all the simple yet efficient tasks, like how to create a pivot table and chart. These visuals are very important when you’re trying to share your business predictions with other departments.

If you’re very serious about your Excel skills or you’re already an advanced user, our courses will help you master VBA. VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is a Microsoft Office programming language that makes Excel fully functional. You can develop macros that automate virtually any task. With just the press of a button, you can apply multiple commands to different sheets and columns. Just think about the possibilities!

Compact and Comprehensive Courses

If you’re interested in learning Microsoft Excel, then our program is the best fit for you. Based on the experience of our professionals, we’ve reduced the number of the most useful formulas to 27. We won’t waste your time with formulas and functions that you’d forget or not use anyway. This is the most practical approach to teaching Excel.