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Excel let you store, calculate and organize larger datasets without creating a mess. However, when you are working with such huge data, you must be confused once in a while when you see many columns and rows spreading all the way through the sheet. Graphical appearance can override the data presented so that you can understand the values given in the sheet easily.

When you create a graph or chart in Excel 2013 or 2010, you have to add a title to the Excel chart because it does not appear by default. When you have multiple charts in a worksheet, you have to add titles for convenience. Let’s see how to add titles to Excel charts quickly:

How to Add Title to Excel Charts

To add titles you may follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the chart where you need to add the title.
  • The Chart Tools Tab will open up and you can even find this tab with two Tabs Format and Design.

how to add chart title

  • Now, click on the Design Tab.
  • Choose Charts Layout from the drop-down menu and click Add Chart Element.

how to add chart title2

  • Select the place you need to add the title and choose the Chart Title option.
  • The title would be added on top of the chart when you select the Centered Overlay option. The title would be out of size.
  • Now, click on the Title box and it will highlight the Chart Title. Add the name you want to add as a title.

how to add chart title3

Add Chart Title in Excel by Combining Cell Link and Text

Let’s assume we need to add some extra text to the chart title. For this, you need to make a formula and the outcome will appear in a separate cell. Later on, it will be linked to the cell and Chart title.

Below is the presentation of this formula:

  • Add the following formula in the new cell.
  • =A1&”(YoY)”
  • Now, click on the chart title box and open the formula bar.
  • Now add =
  • Choose the cell in which you need to add a new chart title.
  • Press ENTER key.

chart titles cell link

Following this method will save you time and helps to add the title to the Excel chart without any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

An Excel spreadsheet is no doubt can handle millions and billions of cells containing data but at the same time, a user has to be capable enough to handle such a huge dataset. Storing and organizing the larger datasets in a sheet could be annoying sometimes that’s why converting that data into graphs and charts is highly recommended.

Charts and graphs are super effective methods to present your data in a better way. Try it and make your sheet understandable.

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