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With Excel, you can simply choose multiple options to align the sheet vertically or horizontally as per your needs. Besides, Excel has margins to set while working on the sheet; you can even make custom margins to center the sheet on the page. Basically, the need for alignment occurs when you have to print a document.

Today, you will get to know how to center the worksheet in Excel while using different methods. Page margins are blank spaces that appear on the sheet when you go for printing options. Not only left or right margins, but you can even use top and bottom margins including headers and footers or page numbers.

Excel has by default printing settings that might not be suitable for every document that’s why you often have to change settings to make the printing document look the way you need. Beginners of Excel often tend to start data entry from cell A1, which means the document, will print from the top-left side of the page. Let’s see how you to center worksheet in Excel according to your choice:

How to Center Worksheet in Excel with Custom Margins?

Centering the sheet horizontally in Excel has a great hack. For this, you need to open the Page Setup dialog box, which is accessible with the Custom Margins menu.

By using the Custom Margins menu, you can center the sheet easily. For this, follow these steps:

  • First, choose an area from the sheet that you need to print. For this, select the area with the mouse and drag it around the printed area.
  • Click on the Page Layout option.
  • From there, you need to click on the Margins option.
  • Choose the Custom Margins option given in that menu.

center sheets custom margins

  • The Page Setup dialog box will appear, in which you will see the Margin tab is selected already.
  • You will find two checkboxes given at the lower side of the window tab. One checkbox is used for centering the sheet horizontally and the other box is for centering vertically. Here we need to center the content horizontally and click on it.
  • You will see the content is aligned horizontally. You can further check the sheet whether is centered correctly or not by clicking on the Print Preview button.
  • You can choose print options from this menu to make the document ready for print.

How to Center Worksheets Horizontally and Vertically?

In the above method, you have learned how to center the sheet horizontally. Now, let’s see how you can center content vertically.

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Center Worksheet with Page Layout:

  • Select the print area from the sheet.
  • From the ribbon, choose the Page Layout option and then click on the Margins.
  • To open the Page Setup option, click on the Custom Margins option.

center with page layout

  • On the Page Setup window, click on the Center on page option and then choose both Horizontally and vertically.

center with page layout2

  • Now, click on the File button from the Ribbon and choose the Print option. Or else press CTRL + P to open the print menu.

center with page layout3

  • In the Print Preview window, you can see the document ready for print. And the selected area is ready to print as per your needs.

center with page layout4

Center with Print Preview:

Here we have come up with another great hack used for centering a worksheet for printing.

With an outstanding option Print Preview, let’s find out how it happens:

  • Open the File menu given in the Ribbon.
  • Choose the Print option from the list.

center with print preview

  • From the Print settings, choose the Normal Margins option and then click on Custom Margins.

center with print preview2

  • The Page Setup Window will open up. From there, click on the Center on page option and choose both horizontally and vertically.

center with print preview3

  • Ultimately, you will see the selected area in the sheet is ready to print.

center with print preview4

To Sum Up:

In this post, you have come to know about different approaches that help you in centering the worksheet both horizontally and vertically. It is up to you whether you center the sheet vertically or horizontally. You are now familiar with both methods to center the content. You must practice each method to learn by heart.

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