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Did you ever think about how you can utilize the features of two charts in one project?

Well, Combo charts in Excel let you avail of this option because you can easily combine two or more chart types to make your data understandable. Combo charts are helpful when your data contains multiple kinds of values including price and volume. Moreover, Combo charts are feasible when your data numbers change widely from series to series.

What is a Combination Chart in Excel?

Most people think about a combo chart used in Excel that let you display two or more separate data tables related to each other. For instance, when you create a combo chart, you will have a primary X-axis as well as Y-axis. Apart from that you will also have another Y-axis that helps you in deeper understanding.

Using the combo charts, you will have easy access to relative analysis of the two different but related graphs with multiple kinds of data values. It also lets you highlight lower as well as higher values used in the charts. You can use this combo chart feature to wrap up the larger data sets containing more than one table.

How a Combo Chart is Structured in Excel?

Below you will find some of the key factors that made combo charts in Excel:

On the left side of a Combo chart, you will see variables that define the scale for Y-axis. Likewise, on the right side, you will see data points that define the scale for Y-axis. Other than that lines and bars are also there to utilize insights into the relation between changing variables. Also, keep in mind that this kind of chart only allows one hierarchy at a time.

Why do You need to Create a Combo Chart in Excel?

As you know the characteristics of a combo chart, now you must be familiar with how important it is for professionals to find a relation while comparing two data sets. Moreover, combo charts are handy for a better understanding of business trends. You may have seen a combo chart used for company goals that let them define if specific metrics work at less than or above those goals.

So, Do you Know When to Use the Combo Chart in Excel?

Combo charts can be used in case you need to have a display dashboard with tons of insights available. Using the Combo charts, you can even highlight the insights in the relation between two different data points.

For instance, using these diagrams let you highlight the relation between real-time sales and forecasted sales all the way through this time. Furthermore, you can even find out comparison insights in focus groups with highly contrasting color series. When you need to understand the sales department data, a combo chart is much handier for you.

How to Create a Combo Chart in Excel?

Let’s get to know how you can make combo charts in Excel:

  • First, select the data that needed to be in the combo chart. For this, you can use a mouse. If your data has the largest groups, Excel will by default chooses the leftmost column for this data. Sometimes, you may have to reorganize the data.

how to create a combo chart

  • Next, you need to press the Insert tab and then choose the Statistic Chart option given in the charts group.

how to create a combo chart2

  • Now, you need to choose the Combo Chart type from the combo chart type menu.
  • In the custom chart option, you will find some types of columns; Clustered Column, Stacked Area

how to create a combo chart3

  • Your combo chart will be in front of you on the worksheet you have opened.
  • You can now add chart elements as well as formatting to the chart.

how to create a combo chart4

Things to Remember:

Whenever you need to choose the right data tables, you must consider the parameters for the chart to make it readable.

In case the data table has large data, you must distance the scale in the axis or else it can be a mess.

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