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With the help of visual representation, Excel lets you experience the real beauty of data for better understanding. Graphs and charts have become the most used tools to display data comprehensively. For instance, a bar graph can make your datasheet break down effectively for the user.

You need to keep data in a way that is easily understandable and that’s why Excel charts let you collect, analyze and share data quickly. And you can do this easily by using a bar graph as it lets you compare the length and height of bars given in a category so that you can have a main idea about the dataset.

A bar graph shows data horizontally with two axes and it is useful when the category names are not shorter because they get extended out.

How to Create Bar Graph in Excel

You can follow the steps given below to make a bar graph in Excel:

  • First, you have to open the sheet from which you want to get the data. Before making a bar graph, you have to have a range of data.
  • Now, highlight the data range that is needed to represent in the graph. Click on it or else you can drag it for multiple adjacent columns.

how to make bar graph

  • Choose a column and press the Control option to select columns that are not adjacent. Now, drag over the other column.
  • Click on the “Insert” option given in the top toolbar and then choose the Bar Chart icon given in the Charts menu.

how to make bar graph2

  • Open the “2-D Bar” option. Here you will find another option under it, which is “3-D”. It can add depth to the chart.
  • Using a graph needs you to display data as clustered or stacked. The first cluster shows each category as two bars and the next cluster combines all the data in one multi-colored bar. Place the cursor over your preference.

how to make bar graph3

  • Click on the bar graph type and you will see the graph menu vanishes as your graph is now added to the document. If you need to change the graph title, open the “Chart Title” given at the top of the chart. Apart from that, you can even make changes in the category names with the X and Y axes by clicking on them.

how to make bar graph4

The bar chart can be done directly on the sheet or else you can drag it somewhere on a separate sheet. Click the “Finish” button once the process is completed.

Bonus Tip: You will see each bar of the graph in the same color automatically. On the other hand, you can even make changes in the color of a single bar or all bars.

For this, you need to open the Format Data Series Pane and then the Fill option. Next, you have to click on the Solid Fill option and then choose Color.

How to Change Bar Graph Color and Style

By changing the bar graph color and style, you can make it look popping and eye-catching. For this, we have the following steps:

  • Choose the bar chart and open the Chart Style icon. The icon looks like a paintbrush.
  • You will see a menu that lets you choose a different decorative style for your graph. Place and scroll the mouse over a style to display how it looks.
  • Moreover, you can have the same style given under the Design tab and Chart Styles.

change bar graph color and style

  • Now, click on the Chart Styles to change the color and then choose the Color option given at the top. You will find color options given in multiple palettes. Place the mouse over the palette and you will see how it looks.

change bar graph color and style2

That’s It – Now What?

You have come to know how to create bar graphs in Excel while making changes to them. Unlike other graphs, bar graphs are capable enough to handle multiple datasets.

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