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Excel-named ranges are made with the help of a formula. In the name box, named ranges can be added. Did you ever get wondered how to create from Selection Excel? In this post, you will get to know the tricks to create the Named range from a selection.

What is Create from Selection Excel Tool used in Excel?

The names of a data range can be described with Create from the selection tool. Using manual tricks, you can create a name for a cell range in Excel. With Create from selection tool, you can set the name when the range of cells includes headers.

The tool create from the selection is available in the Formula ribbon. Let’s find out how it happens:

In our dataset, we have two months of data about sales of salesperson.

For a Column

Choose the data range with a header for the column.

Click on the Formulas tab and then the Defined Named option. Choose to Create from Selection tool.

what is create from selection

You will see a dialog box asking you to choose the option to pick the name. You don’t need to explain it to Excel because it happens by default.

Press OK.

what is create from selection2

In the cell name box, click on the drop-down sign.

what is create from selection3

You will see the column name appears.

what is create from selection4

You can do this procedure for rows as well. the difference is just in the selection phase because here you will have to select the rows instead of columns. The rest of the procedure will be the same.

Why Create Named Ranges in Excel

Below you will find some benefits of using name ranges in Excel.

  • Names are used Instead of Cell References
  • Using names is recommended in comparison to cell reference when you create Named Ranges in Excel. For instance, you can use =SUM(SALES) rather than =SUM(C2:C11) for the given dataset. Below you will see a few formulas in which Named Ranges are used instead of cell references.
  • Sum of the sales Harry done: =SUMIF(SalesRep,”HARRY”,Sales)
  • Number of sales for values greater than 500: =COUNTIF(Sales,”>500”)
  • Commission Bill earned: =SUMIF(SalesRep,”Joe”,Sales)*Commission

The above formulas are highly recommended for use because of their ease.

How to Create Named Ranges in Excel?

Below we have the best ways to create named ranges using two different tools.

Create Named Ranges with Define Name Option

Just follow the steps given below to create Named Ranges in Excel:

Choose a range to create a Named Range in Excel.

create from define name

Open the Formulas tab and choose the Define Name option.

create from define name2

Add the Name you want to assign to the selected data range given. In case, you have selected a certain sheet, you will not see the name on other sheets.

create from define name3

Click OK.

Once you press OK, you will see a Named Range SALESREP is created.

Create Named Ranges with the Name Box

Choose the range in which you have to create a name. ensure that headers are not selected.

On the left side of the Formula bar, you will find the Name Box. Click on it and add the name for which you need to create the Named Range.

create from name box

The name you created here will be used for the whole workbook that’s why be careful about it.

Closing Thoughts

For the above methods, one thing is confirmed you can easily manage to Create from selection Excel tool. Choose the method of your choice and start creating named ranges for your data.

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