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We are going to go through another useful app on the site. To demonstrate adding this feature, you can see how that works as well. Again this is the site contents page where you can see all the previously created apps. If you see this new button here, you can also add new apps. This will take us to a page where it shows us all the available apps we can use on this site.

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint 1Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint 2

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint. We have already gone through the document library and the custom list. We will talk about the tasks list later on. Now we are going to go to the Calendar if you don’t immediately see the calendar. You can find it by typing the keywords into the search box. So, let’s say I want to create a calendar for company events, we will enter that title. Click Create now back at the site contents page you can see that we now have our company events calendar list here. Under the type heading you can see that it’s listed as an events list so let’s click on it.

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint 3Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint 4Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint 5

Add event To calendar

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint. As you can see, it’s showing us a daily view of the current month. So, let’s say I want to add a new event to this calendar. You want this event to be dated to the 2nd of July. To add an event you will double click the day that you want. To put this event on, I will double-click this date, and it will open a new form. So here we see a new form, and we can enter some information about this event. Give this event a name, and here we can put the location where the event will take place here. We can select the start time and Date to put 10 am to 12 pm here. Put a description, and here you can select the category which the event falls under.

Now, this drop down menu gives us some predefined categories, but you can add your own value by checking this box. Typing in whatever category you want this event to be listed. As for now use the predefined categories and set this as a meeting. Here you can select whether or not this is an all-day event. If you select it as an all-day event SharePoint will mark it in the calendar for the entire day. You’ll notice that now we have set it as an all-day, the time options have disappeared from here. Because it’s an all-day event, we don’t need to specify when it starts and when it ends within the day.

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint create a recurring event

Now you can set it to be a reoccurring event. If you have an event that happens every week or every month. You can click this checkbox here. It will give you options on how frequently the event occurs this event is one simple demonstration. To click save now, and you can see in this blue box here, we have the information about the event. We created a recurring event, you want to have an event take place every Friday. Now the location setting is actually optional. You don’t have to put anything here. To keep the date for Friday but to change the time to 6 pm to 7 pm we’ll set the category as meeting again.

Display Calendar In Microsoft SharePoint. Click the check box that makes this event a recurring one, and you’ll see that checking this option has added certain new fields to this event creation form. Set this to a weekly event, it occurs every one week every Friday. So we can set this to multiple days as well. Wednesday Tuesday you can choose the start date from here. We want it to be this Friday, and you can set the end date as well.

set & Schedule Meetings

So, if you want this schedule to Never end. You can choose that option if you want it to end after a certain number of occurrences. You can also select that, so we can set it to end. After 10 occurrences or 10 meetings. We can set it to end by a certain date. If I click here and move to August, I can set it so by the end of 16th August. There should be no more meetings on this schedule. You can see where it’s added a new event for every Friday of July. Now let’s check how it looks in August, and you can see here that the meetings stop after Friday 16th August. That’s how you can display calendar in Microsoft SharePoint.


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