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Most often you need to add values of two or more cells in Excel and for this, you can use the SUM formula. Usually, it gives the results by adding two values of those cells and the cell names are combined.

Let’s start with a shortcut used for SUM in Excel.

Shortcut for SUM in Excel

Shortcuts are often preferred when you don’t want to follow lengthy steps. Well, these shortcuts also give you the same outcome you get by following other methods. Below is the procedure of this shortcut to AutoSum values in Excel.

shortcut for sum in excel

Press and hold the ALT key.

While holding the ALT key, press the Equal Sign and put the SUM formula in the selected cells.

Now, press ENTER key from your keyboard, and the procedure is done.

How to Use Excel AutoSum Formula

You may apply the Excel AutoSum formula whenever you need to add columns or rows. For the whole procedure, follow the steps given below:

Choose a blank cell given under the column that needed to add up. Or else, when you need to add a row, choose an empty cell given at the right of the series.

Click on the AutoSum option from the “Home” tab in the toolbar.

how to use autosum in excel

You will find a selection box that appears around the numbers you want to add. Click and drag the mouse to select the right number of cells.

how to use autosum in excel2

Now, press “Enter” from the keyboard or else, “Return” for Mac users.

Remember that the cells you want to add up must not be placed in a row or column repeatedly. Before you press Enter key, they must click on non-consecutive cells from the sheet.

How to AutoSum Cells in Multiple Columns in Excel

Here we will use another example in which you will see the fruit sales for the months in the first quarter broken down for each month. Follow the steps given below to AutoSum the cells in each column at once:

Choose cells B7:D7.

Open the Home tab and click on the AutoSum option.

By pressing this option, you will see Excel makes formulas for columns B to D by default and it will add the results.

autosum cells in multiple columns

How to AutoSum Cells in a Row

Once you get to know the AutoSum process in Column, let’s understand how you can use the Excel AutoSum formula in a row.

Using the above example, the fruit sales for the first quarter of the year in a given format, let’s add the data row-wise:

Choose cells F2:F4.

Click on F2 and drag it to F4.

Open the Home tab and choose the AutoSum option.

Press Enter key and the SUMs of each month will be there in Cells F2:F4.

autosum cells in a row

How to AutoSum Rows and columns Simultaneously

Considering the same example, we will add the rows and columns simultaneously.

Choose cells B2:F8.

Click on B2 and drag it to F8 with the mouse.

Choose the AutoSum button from the advanced group in the Home tab.

You will see the column totals in the last row and row totals in the last column of the selection. You will also find the grand total on the lower right side of the selection.

autosum rows and columns at same time

How to Manually SUM in Excel

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to manually SUM values in Excel:

Choose the cell that needed to SUM.

Click “=.”

Add a number or click a cell containing a value.

Type “+.”

Add another number or click on the next cell containing a value.

Continue it until you add all the values to be summed.

Press Enter key from the keyboard


If you need to have a look at what you have done till now, click on the cell that has the sum value. Have a look at the formula in the top bar of the screen. You will see all the details of your calculations. Excel AutoSum formula is helpful and convenient whenever you need to add up cells. Try it and you will definitely be an expert with practice.

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