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Password protection is helpful especially when you have some confidential data. With password protection, you can limit the number of persons who can open and edit your sheets without your permission. Only those who have access to open and edit the files can open the files to make any edits. However, sometimes you don’t want password protection anymore, in that case, you have to understand Excel and how to remove passwords.

At times, it is quite possible to unlock password protection even if you don’t have a password or when you forgot the password. Well, it entirely depends on the approach you are trying to unlock the file. Here in this post, you will get to know how you can remove passwords from the sheet.

You can protect your files with a password and these files include:



File Open

File Edit

Anyhow, let’s get started with our easy-to-follow methods used to remove passwords from Excel files.

Excel How to Remove Password from the Info Panel

Firstly, open the Excel file with password protection from which you need to remove the password.

  • Enter the password and click OK.

remove password info panel

  • Click on the File tab, which is placed on the top left side of the opened sheet.
  • Choose the Info and Protect Workbook options given in the left-hand panel. It opens up the drop-down menu.

remove password info panel2

  • In the drop-down list, click on the Encrypt with Password option and delete the password you see in the field box.

remove password info panel3

  • Delete the current password and click OK.

remove password info panel4

  • Open the File menu and choose Save.

It will remove the password and your file gets saved without a password.

How to Remove Password Protection from the Review Tab

Below are some steps to be followed:

  • Open the encrypted file that needed to be unlocked.
  • Enter the password and click OK.
  • Press the Review tab placed on the main ribbon of the sheet.

remove password review tab

  • Now, click on the Unprotect Sheet option and put the password.

remove password review tab2

  • Choose the Protect Sheet option and click OK. Now, this time you don’t have to enter any password.
  • Open the File menu and click on the Save option.

It will unlock the sheet and the password is removed from the Home tab.

remove password review tab3

Remove the Password with the Save As Option

Here comes another handy approach you can use to remove passwords from the file. For this follow the steps given below:

  • Open the encrypted file that you need to unlock.

remove password save as

  • Put the password and click OK.
  • Open the File tab and click on the Save As option.
  • Choose a folder and a new window will open up.
  • Click on the Tools option you can find on the lower right side of the window. Open the drop-down menu and choose General Options.

remove password save as2

  • You will find an option that shows unlock passwords to open and edit the file in the General Options dialog box. Here you will need to remove the password from the Excel file for both text fields. Hit OK.
  • Open the File menu and choose the Save option.

Things to Consider

Remember that using the Save As method will give you a copy of that file without any password, whereas the original file will remain protected.

The password is mandatory for each method except the Save As method.

You also have to keep a backup of files before applying for extensions. It is because if the files get corrupted, your files are saved from any damage.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned methods are super easy to understand Excel and how to remove password protection from the files. You can choose any of the above methods because each method is uniquely designed and helpful. One must not forget the importance of Excel as it always comes up with new features and handy procedures. Keep trying new tricks that Excel offers and continue with your practice.

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