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Talking about inventory tools, most companies pay high amounts to buy special inventory software like SAP and Syspro. Well, not all companies can afford such expensive tools because they need experts to run this software and it becomes complicated in the end.

On the other hand, Excel has become one of the widespread tools that let you enjoy working with different features. Neither you need the expertise to run this tool, nor do you need to pay high amounts for this. Excel is a versatile tool having many alternatives for one function. You can calculate stocks, new values, and existing data according to the updated demands.

Well, Excel sometimes might be a tricky thing for beginners because they are not used to its multifunctional features. Making an Excel inventory template with formula from scratch could be a tiring thing. Don’t worry, it is not going to be rocket science. You can still manage to learn Excel tricks and tips. Excel inventory templates are there to help you out in making a spreadsheet useful.

How to Use the Excel Inventory Template?

The Excel inventory template effectively tracks the quantity and value of the stock. You need some basic knowledge about Excel so that you can further move on to advanced skills.

Excel Knowledge:

Though having basic Excel knowledge is necessary, however, Excel lets you learn the features that you can access easily from the Excel itself. Continue exploring new features to learn more about this remarkable tool.


While an Excel Inventory template is in front of you, a line named tabs will appear right on the lower side of your screen.

For further information about the tabs, continue reading:

Help Tips:

Using this tab will let you add and edit data in the Excel template.

Whereas the Example page lets you understand how a page of Item looks like when you put transactions in it. It also lets you learn how to move stock around the workbook if needed to take some stock.

Vendors or suppliers and Customers both sheets contain data on the vendors, suppliers, and customers.

The Stock Manager is used to enter details about other data of all the stock items.

The Inventory Report lets you see the outline of the total sale, purchase, and quantity of all the stock items.

The Monthly sheet lets you record the end-month stock value.

How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Excel Template for Business?

Excel helps you in many fields of life to maintain a record of previous as well as existing stock. You can find as many Excel Inventory templates as you need on the internet. To manage inventory, most small firms use manual stocking tools. And most of the time these tools are dependent on Excel to execute stock calculations.

Below you will find some aspects that let you know when to look for the next inventory management Excel template.

Speed and Simplicity:

Mainly an Excel Inventory template with formula simplifies the inventory procedure. Choosing the best inventory template will give you all the features to track, clear and concise data.

Flexibility and Scalability:

One of the most vibrant features of a business includes inventory. And if you want to manage it precisely, you will find a flexible tool that let you accept modifications such as sales, material availability, strategy, and performance.

That’s why you always need a template that helps in quick adjustments without making things further tricky. Using a flexible template makes agile month-to-month fluctuations and keeps everything in control.

Analysis and Forecasting:

Inventory tracking is far away from counting supplies. The main thing of this procedure is to analyze stock trends that help in future purchases, product sales, and item usage. That’s why always choose an Excel inventory template with formulas and functions if you have precise predictions of supply and data, you can have an accurate inventory decision.

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