Excel Paste Values Shortcut – Best Excel Shortcut Keys

Excel Paste Values Shortcut

Excel Paste Values Shortcut – Best Excel Shortcut Keys

Copying and pasting methods in Excel have now been extended because of the frequent use of this function. The most common way used to copy and paste is CTRL + C and CTRL + V shortcut keys. Other than this trick, we have another useful hack for you to copy and paste data which is helpful when you need to add the values only except for formatting.

Excel paste values shortcut is another great way that can copy the values only instead of copying the entire formatting. Sometimes, you don’t need the whole cell to be copied, you just need to copy the value, formula, comment, or a part of the cell. In this situation, the Paste Values shortcut is a real-time saver. Content other than values will get eliminated when you apply this function. Here in this post, you will find the best shortcuts to paste Excel data as value.

So, let’s get started:

Examples to Excel Paste Values Shortcut

First, this part will explain the main gist of the shortcut paste values concept. Have a look at the following data.

paste values shortcut

In the E1 cell, we’ll copy and paste this table.

paste values shortcut.2png

The left table is similar to this pasted table. However, the “Paste Special” method will drag the values only while removing the other part.

Choose cell E1 and copy the table.

paste values shortcut.3png

Right-click and see other available options. Choose the Paste Special option and then click on Paste as Values option.

paste values shortcut4

Have a look at the final table.

paste values shortcut5

You will see only values and no formatting or other parts pasted here. That’s it!

How to Paste Values with Shortcut Keys

Here comes a few examples for paste values in Excel by using shortcut keys.

Method 1: Paste Values with Shortcut Keys

For pasting values in Excel, we have more than one key combinations that can easily perform the task. Once you have copied the cell range, the Paste as Values option is used given in the Paste Special menu. This option is used when you don’t want to copy content other than values.

ALT + E + S + V

This is the key combination used to paste values in Excel. Let’s see how you can apply this shortcut key combination.

At first, copy the cell range.


Now, choose the cell range that is needed to paste the copied data.


Press the shortcut key combination ALT + E + S + V one by one. You will see a menu of Paste Special options appear.

paste shortcut altesv3

Press the shortcut letter V to choose the option of Values from this window. In the Paste Special window, the Values option will be chosen.

paste shortcut altesv4

Once the option Values is selected, click OK.

paste shortcut altesv5

That’s it!

Method 2: Paste Values with Shortcut Keys

Other than the above shortcut, we have another key combination to paste values only. For this, you again have to open up the Paste Special menu.


This shortcut key is used to open the Paste Special menu and once it opens up, choose the Values option. Now, you have to copy the cell range that is needed to paste and choose the cell in which you want to paste values.

Press and hold the CTRL + ALT keys and press V to open the Paste Special dialog box.

paste shortcut ctrlaltv

Remember that you have to press and hold CTRL + ALT keys together and then press the V key.


Once the dialog box opens up, now press the “V” key and then choose the Values option from the list.

CTRL + ALT + V + V

This is the second shortcut key combination. Apply it carefully to get desired results.

Method 3: Paste Values with Shortcut Keys 

Do you know Paste Special option is also available in the Home Tab options?

Not many Excel users know about it.

paste shortcut althvv

For this process, copy the cell range and click on the drop-down list to find the Paste Special option.

paste shortcut althvv2

Choose the Values option to paste as values. As a result, the values will get pasted. The shortcut key combination is:

ALT + H + V + V

Apply this key combination vigilantly to get the real outcome.

All the above-mentioned methods are super useful to execute the Excel Paste Values Shortcut procedure. You just need a little practice to understand the concept and main keys used in shortcut keys.

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