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Sometimes when working with Excel, you may need to select all rows below a specific value. At times, you may have to select some columns in a row. No matter what your purpose is, you always have to understand the overall phenomenon to apply it overall in any situation. Excel always comes up with multiple solutions. Here you will find some supportive hacks that let you able to Excel select all rows below the specific cell.

How Excel Select All Rows Below?

Here you will find 3 valuable methods of selecting all the rows below a certain point. Below is the dataset given for convenience. Have a look:

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Here in this method, you will get to know about selecting rows below a specific value with the help of keyboard shortcuts. You will see the selection takes place below the shop name, “Tonny’s Fruits Store.”

  1. First of all, choose the cells that contain the rows you need to select. Here we are selecting cell B5.
  2. Now, press the CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow keys at once from the keyboard. You will see all the rows containing the same column of B5 will be selected.

Method 2: Using Mouse Pointer (Autofill)

Now, we’ll choose all the fruit names given in the Fruit column of “Tonny’s Fruit Store” that is in column B. using the mouse pointer we will continue the procedure:

  1. Choose cell B5.
  2. Put the mouse cursor on the bottom right side. You will see the cursor pointer gets changed to 1 + sign (Fill handle).
  3. Left-click from your mouse and drag it to the bottom up t where we need to choose.
  4. You will find an option given at the bottom side of the selected cells. Select the option Fill Formatting Only.

Method 3: Using One Click for Selecting the Entire Row

Apart from the above methods, now we will choose the whole Column containing multiple rows by using one click on the mouse.

  1. Choose the column that contains all the rows you need to select.

That’s it. Now you can choose from whatever point you want to.

To Sum Up

So, this is it. There were some highly useful methods you can opt for Excel select all rows below a specific value. Try any of the above methods and perform your wanted function. That way you can use Excel efficiently. Continue practicing new functions and let others get benefit by sharing the knowledge.

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