How to Add a Month in Excel – Add or Subtract Months

How to Add a Month in Excel – Add or Subtract Months

How to Add a Month in Excel – Add or Subtract Months

Sometimes your data contains values such as dates and months, it keeps updating daily. You may often need to add months to starting dates or ending dates. Here you will get to know how to add a month in Excel with the help of built-in features EDATE, MONTH, and DATE.

Besides adding dates, you may have to find expiry dates or delivery dates of products and for this a couple of months needed to be added to the date. Let’s find out how you can do it:

How to Add a Month in Excel to a Date?

When you are supposed to add the next month’s date in Excel you can use the EDATE formula for this. Below you can see an example in which the A1 cell has a date that needs to find the exact date for the next month.

add month to date

Let’s have a look at the following steps:

  • Enter “=EDATE(“ in cell B1.
  • Now, go back to cell A1 in which you have the date.
  • Enter 1 in the second argument.
  • Add the closing parenthesis at the end and press ENTER.
  • You will see the date 10-Feb-2022 in cell B1. This date is exactly the same for next month as the date given in the formula.

add month to date2


That’s it!

How to Add a Month in Excel to Date with MONTH & DATE Function?

With the help of the MONTH & DATE function, you can merge three individual values into one date as well as most companies use this function to evaluate monthly periods.

Below you will find a simple explanation of this function with the help of examples:

  • Follow some elements in the beginning.

month and date function

  • Now, add the EDATE formula to get results.

month and date function2

  • Press ENTER key and you will see the date appears in E4.
  • Copy the formula till E10 so that all dates come up in their boxes.

month and date function3

The above steps clearly explain how to add a month in Excel with the help of the month and date function. This method is the most straightforward of all. Try it without any risk.

How to Add a Month in Excel with Fill Series Feature?

With the help of the Fill Series function, you can add months, days, or years to date constantly. Let’s follow the steps given below:

  • Choose the date and the cells in which you need to add the dates.

fill series feature

  • Open the Home tab and choose the Editing menu.
  • Click on the Fill icon and choose the Series option given in the menu.

fill series feature2

  • Make the following selections from the Series dialog box:
  • Choose the Date radio button in the Type menu,
  • Choose the Columns radio button in the Series menu,
  • Choose the Day radio button in the Date unit.
  • From the Step Value field, add the increment value.
  • Suppose you need to add 7 days to the dates, add the number 7 in the given field box.

fill series feature3

Click OK.

  • You will see the incremental value added and filled in the selected cells:

fill series feature4

  • To make a series with incremental months, you can follow the same steps as above.
  • Choose the Month radio button in the Date unit.
  • Add the incremental value in the Step value field box such as adding the number 2 for making a series with 2 months.

fill series feature5

  • The series with 2 incremental months added in the selected cells:

fill series feature6

Let’s Wrap Up:

In this post, you have come to know how to add a month in Excel to a date by using the EDATE function, MONTH, and DATE functions. Apart from that Fill Series function is also used to add a month-to-date in Excel. Try any of the above methods and each method works effectively.




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