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In our previous post, we learned how you can sort by dates on Excel. Today, we will talk about how you can simply add a year to a date by using multiple methods. When your data contains date-type values, you definitely need to have special kinds of tools to handle it. You may have to add days, months, and years to current dates, that’s why you will find this post helpful.

How to Add a Year to a Date in Excel?

Let’s see how you can add a year to a date in Excel with simple arithmetic operations such as the EDATE function. Some other functions also can be used such as the DATE function, the YEAR function, the MONTH function, and the DAY function.

Let’s understand it with an example:

Add Years to a Date with Simple Arithmetic Operations:

Here you will get to know the usage of simple arithmetic operations to add years to a date in Excel. Below are the steps to follow:

  • First, choose the D7 cell.
  • Enter the following formula:


  • You need to put the entered number of years to the existing date by adding the number of days to it.
  • Press ENTER.

simple arithmetic operation

  • Now, drag the Fill Handle down from the D7 cell to the D11 cell.

simple arithmetic operation2

  • In the end, you will notice the outcome in terms of 2 years added in the D column.

simple arithmetic operation3

How to Add a Year to a Date in Excel with EDATE Function?

  • Select a cell in which you want to add the output.
  • Enter equal sign = in the cell.
  • In the search box, enter EDATE, or else you can choose the EDATE function given in the drop-down menu.
  • Put a comma at the beginning of the date field.
  • Now, you have to multiply the number of years that needed to be added or removed by 12. Press ENTER key.

edate function

A new date will be added and it also adds the entered years to the old date. You can use copy and paste method to put this formula into other cells.

How to Use YEAR & DATE Functions?

You can add a date with the YEAR function that you may nest in the DATE function to add years. With the YEAR function, you can have a year of the given date between 1900 and 9999. With the DATE function, you can make an argument for the year, month, and day.

With the DATE function, the YEAR function is not the only one to use, instead, you can even use the MONTH and DAY functions to find a complete date. Let’s see how you can do this by using the following formula:

=DATE(YEAR (C3)+10, MONTH(C3), DAY(C3))

Each function takes each one of them (year, month, and day) respectively from the date in C3. Here the only thing you will notice is different in that it is the number 10 added to the YEAR function to add 10 years to the date in C3.

year and date function

Likewise, you can add numbers to the MONTH and DAY arguments of the formula that adds the supplied number of months or days to the date.


In this post, you have learned how to add a year to a date in Excel. Not only year addition to the date, but you also become aware of other parameters used in this procedure

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