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As one of the top data analysis tools, Excel for most people is considered the best thing to make interactive lists and charts as well. on the same note, Excel is also used to build checkboxes for to-do lists, dashboards, and dynamic charts.

You can make checkboxes easily and for the execution of this function, you have to activate the Developer tab in the ribbon.

Though it is not something that seems difficult, however, it could have sometimes-problematic things that a user has to face. A checkbox is also known as a tick box or selection box shaped as a little square box with an option to select or deselect the given menu.

How to Activate the Developer Tab in Excel Ribbon

At first, the Developer tab needs to exist in the ribbon menu because it contains the checkbox control you may need to add a checkbox in Excel. For a complete procedure, follow the steps given below:

Right-click anywhere on the existing tabs in the ribbon menu and choose to Customize the Ribbon option. You will see the Excel Options dialog box appears.


From the Customize the Ribbon options, check the Developer option placed on the right-hand side in the Main Tabs pane.


Press OK.

After this step, you will notice the developer tab is highlighted on the ribbon among other tabs.


From this developer tab, you can now easily choose any option as per your needs.

How to Add Checkbox in Excel

The further process needs you to follow the given steps:

Open the Developer tab you highlighted in the ribbon.

Choose the Insert dropdown menu.


Click on the checkbox icon given under Form Controls.


Place the cursor anywhere on the sheet and you will see that Excel inserts a checkbox at that place. By default, this checkbox will have the Caption Name “Check Box 1”.

Besides, Excel has a backend name as well that would appear in the Name Box.


You can rename or remove the caption name text easily by right-clicking the checkbox and choosing Edit Text in the context menu. Now, highlight the text and delete the name.

How to Add Multiple Checkboxes in Excel

The above-mentioned method shows how to add checkboxes in Excel, but there are instances when you need to make a whole list of checkboxes in the same worksheet. Let’s find out how you can do it.

How to Add a Checkbox with the Developer Tab option

The Developer tab option is already discussed above in which you need to activate the Developer tab first.

Click on the Developer Tab > Controls > Insert > From Controls > Check Box.

By clicking anywhere on the sheet, you will add as many checkboxes as you want. Using the same procedure, you can as multiple checkboxes in Excel.

Besides the above methods, bear in mind that checkboxes added in this way don’t link to any cell. To link cells with checkboxes, you have to manually work on it. Plus, the checkbox will appear with different caption names, including Check Box 1, Check Box 2, and so on; you can rename or delete these names later on.

How to Add Checkbox in Excel with Copy Paste

Choose the current checkbox and copy it to paste it somewhere else. You can use keyboard shortcuts for this function CTRL + D.

Note that the copied checkboxes are directly linked to the same cell as the original checkbox. For individual checkboxes, you have to change the cell link manually. Furthermore, the caption names of each copied checkbox would be the same, whereas the backend names would be different.

How to Add Checkbox in Excel with Drag and Fill Cells

Using the drag all fill handle down option you can manage to add a checkbox in a cell. You will notice the checkbox has copies that can be placed anywhere on the sheet.

The caption names of each checkbox would be similar whereas the backend name would be different. each checkbox would be directly linked to the same cell and you can change the link of each cell manually.

Carry on with your Excel practice and you will be able to instruct others as well. Excel is not a tricky tool; it just demands practice and a little bit of understanding. Just go with the flow!

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