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Do you know the comma style and the thousand separator format are the same functions in Excel?

Also, do you know how to apply comma style in Excel?

Basically, the comma style in Excel lets you change the large number values while using commas added as separators. These separators are used to make a distinction between the number value lengths into thousands, hundred thousand, millions, and so on.

While using comma format, you will notice the decimal values of the numbers as well. You can find similarities between an accounting system format and the comma format.

How to Apply Comma Style in Excel? (Accounting Format)

To understand this method, you need to follow the steps given here:

  • First, add the values in Excel so that you can easily use the comma number format.

  • In the Number format ribbon, you can even use accounting Excel format as well. For this, choose the cells and click on the Home tab. Choose the Comma Style from the Number Format column.

  • As you click on the Comma Style, you will notice the comma-separated format value appears.

  • To delete the decimals, click on the icon given under the Number on Decrease Decimal.

  • Once the decimals are deleted, the value without decimals will appear.

  • Now, choose the cells given under the Amount column. Right-click on the cells and select the Format Cells option.
  • Choose the Accounting option from the Format Cells menu.
  • Click OK.

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Here is the final formatted data after removing the decimal points.

How to Apply Comma Style in Excel with the Home Tab

Let’s follow the steps:

  • Choose the cell range or you can even choose the entire column in which you need to apply the comma style.

  • Open the Home tab and click on the Comma (,) icon given under the “Number” menu.

  • You will notice the comma separators in the number values are applied to the selected cell range.

  • You can even increase the decimal values from the numbers. For this, choose the cell range and click on the “Increase or Decrease decimal value” option given under the same “Number” menu.

All done!

How to Apply Comma Style in Excel with Keyboard Shortcuts?

You can use keyboard shortcuts as well to apply comma style in Excel. Press ALT + H + K to apply the comma style. Before applying this shortcut, you need to select the entire column or a cell range.


  • The Comma Style lets you format the number while you need deal with the currency.
  • Apart from that it also allows you to display the right value with commas.
  • You don’t need to follow the lengthy procedure as it is a one-step easy process.


  • You will have to always deal with a number format with a thousand separators.
  • Moreover, it gives you the decimals of two places.

Things to Remember:

  • In Excel, the comma style number format makes your data understandable so that everyone can easily access it.
  • You have the option to make a customized number format in Excel for your ease. It is for those who don’t want to pick up from the already existing number formats.
  • After customization, you will notice the visual representation changes and nothing else.
  • It is entirely up to you to keep decimal values or not.

You always have to consider these things because Excel does not claim what it does not offer.

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