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While working with Excel, you always want to enhance the presentation of your data. For this, sometimes users tend to apply multiple formatting styles to a cell range. However, applying these formatting styles to your sheet is not an easy thing to do, but Excel provides preset styles to its users so that they can apply different styles to different cells.

Do you know how to apply total cell style in Excel?

You can apply any cell style but only when you are familiar enough with each style. Let’s have a look at a brief overview of what a cell style is.

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What is a Cell Style?

Cell style is Excel’s pre-defined formats to apply on cells that let you present data in a versatile manner in terms of colors, borders, alignment, and number formats. Preset formats have some benefits like when you apply these formats if you change the formatting linked with that style, you will notice a change in all the cells that had already been applied with that style. You don’t need to change those cells one by one; instead, they will be updated automatically.

Cell Styles vs. Conditional Formatting

Do you think cell style and conditional formatting are two different things?

Well, to be honest, both of these terms are not similar. There might be some resemblance but in reality, both have their unique function. Cell styles are static whereas conditional formatting is dynamic.

How to Apply Total Cell Style in Excel?

For accounting students, the total cell style is highly beneficial.

Let’s see how you can apply total style in Excel:

It isn’t rocket science to apply total cell style. Applying total cell style needs you to select a cell range that you need to add the total cell to and press the Total Cell Style button given under the Home menu. Once you are done with this function, you will see a total cell will be added to the lower end or right side of the cell range.

The total will appear in the total row or column. Not only this, you can even customize the total cell style as per your needs. For this,

  • Click on the drop-down arrow placed next to the Total Cell Style button.
  • Choose the options according to your choice.
  • You can choose different fonts, colors, and alignments of the cells from the list.
  • With the help of the SUM function, you can also apply the total cell range. For this,
  • Choose a cell range you need to add the total cell and put the SUM formula in the formula bar. It will simply find the values in the given range and the total will appear in the total cell.

Why Use Total Cell Style in Excel?

You will see many benefits of using total cell style in Excel and one of them is that it lets you add values easily and quickly in a table or list. If you need to have all the values in a list or table, the total cell style is a great thing.

You can also easily make changes to it. These customization options include font, color, and alignment of the total cell. These changes make the total cell style vulnerable to appearing more attractive than other styles. Another great benefit is that total cell style is an awesome substitute for the SUM function. It lets you sum up values easily and quickly.

To Sum Up:

With Cell styles, you can have a combination of multiple features and aspects of a cell into a single track. This is a great option that Excel allows you to use to improve the presentation and readability factors. This post simply explains how to apply total cell style in Excel by using different methods and you should try all of them.

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