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Excel provides multiple options to make your datasheet look awesome. You can use many built-in features, and it has lots of customized options as well. You can align the worksheet the way you want it to be by changing margins or even centering the worksheet horizontally and vertically on the page.

Do you know how to center a worksheet in Excel? Today, our discussion will go around how you can center a sheet in Excel. Each page margin can be edited as per your choice from top to bottoms such as headers, footers, and page numbers. Once the worksheet data is all set, you need to print it. Before printing, there are many things you need to settle down according to your needs. These settings include page layout options in combination with centering the sheet vertically or horizontally.

Let’s figure out how it can be done:

How to Center a Worksheet in Excel Horizontally?

Follow the procedure carefully:

  • Open the Page Layout tab and choose the margin option drop-down.

  • Select the custom margins option from the margins menu. A page setup dialog box will pop up.

  • Check center on page options given there on the page setup dialog box. Once you checked this option, you will instantly notice the sheet data is turned horizontally at the center and vertically in the middle.

  • Now, press OK to save all the changes you have made.

These settings will not change your data in the sheet; it only changes the print layout options that make the sheet look horizontally at the center.

How to Center a Worksheet in Excel Horizontally with Custom Margins?

Other than the above method, here comes another effective way to change the sheet margins. In this method, you will the use Custom Margins menu.

Below are the useful steps to follow:

  • Choose the area of your sheet that you want to print. For this, drag the mouse down to make a box all around the printed area.
  • Click on the Page Layout tab.
  • Select the Margins option given under the Page Layout menu.
  • Click on the Custom Margins option from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • The Page Setup dialog box will pop up. You will see the Margin tab is selected by default.
  • Here you can notice two checkboxes: one checkbox is for centering the data sheet horizontally, whereas the other box is used for centering the data sheet vertically. You can choose any option according to your choice.
  • Right after you clicked on one checkbox, the data sheet will turn instantly according to the selected option. To make sure the selection is right, you can have a preview of it before printing it. For this, click on the Print Preview option given at the bottom side.
  • It will open up more print options, and from there you can easily choose the print preview option. If the settings are fine, you can simply print it from the same page.

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How to Center a Worksheet Both Horizontally and Vertically?

To center your worksheets horizontally or vertically, here we will use the Print Preview option. Below are simple steps to follow:

  • Click on the File button from the Ribbon and from the drop-down menu you need to click on the Print option.

  • From the Print settings, choose the Normal Margins option.
  • Click on the Custom Margins option from the drop-down menu.

  • The Page Setup window will pop up. From the Center on the page part of the window, you can choose both Horizontally and Vertically to center the selected print area.
  • Eventually, you will notice the selected print area is now centered on the worksheet.

  • By selecting all the sheets at once, you can apply this print layout on all of them at once.

Manually Setting Margins on the Page:

For further reshaping of the page, you can use the additional margin setting options available in the Page Setup dialog box. This part of the article is helpful for those who don’t want their sheet to be at the dead center of the page.

You are all set to manage the margins on the top, bottom, left, right, header, and footer of the page. The left and right margin buttons will not be effective if the checkbox for horizontal centering is marked. Uncheck the horizontal centering if you really want to set the left and margins. Now, you can easily manage to set the margins all by yourself.

Final Words:

In this post, you have learned three different methods that help you center the worksheet horizontally or vertically before printing. You can try any of the above methods and it will all be worth trying.

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