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To present data effectively, charts play a crucial role and you can make changes in chart styles as well. Converting data into charts and graphs is not a big deal, however sometimes when you need to change chart styles in Excel, you often tend to face issues. Depending on your data set, you can choose any built-in style from Excel.

Today, we’ll discuss how to change chart styles in Excel as charts are responsible to showcase data in a different way. Most of the time, simple styles are recommended so that your data presentation could become clearer. Other than opting for built-in charts, you can even choose customization to make new styles of charts.

You can customize the chart layout which can ultimately change the entire layout of the chart design. Using the chart layout feature, you can define the structural design as well as different graphs.

How to Change Chart Styles in Excel

Let’s find out how you can make changes to the chart styles used in Excel.

  • First, choose the chart.
  • You will see, two extra tabs are opened on the ribbon since you select the chart.
  • The main heading will appear as “Chart Tools” that follows two tabs such as, “Design” and “Format.”

applt themes or styles2

  • Open the Design tab which holds many options for design. Now, open the “Chart Style” menu.

applt themes or styles3

  • Under “Chart Styles” you will see many designs. You can even have a preview of the style you choose.

applt themes or styles4

  • A maximum of 16 chart styles are available in Excel 2013. You can see these styles by clicking on the drop-down menu.

applt themes or styles5

One thing, you must remember is that each style does not have any specific name instead you will see them as “Style 1”, “Style 2”, “Style 3”, and so on.

How to Change the Chart Color in Excel

Sometimes, it might be possible that the chart style is perfect but you need changes in the chart color. For this, we have a simple procedure to follow.

  • Click on the Change Colors option.

change chart color

  • Here, you will have to choose from a wide range of colors available. Suppose you need green color, click on it.

Different Chart Styles

Most probably, you are now familiar with how to change chart styles in Excel. Here let’s find out how different chart styles can handle data smoothly. Below are the chart styles available in Excel 2016.

Style 1:

This style uses gridlines in which the bars get filled with multiple colors. You will see the bar chart size increases to double with this style.

Style 2:

Using this style will give you a chance to show data labels in a vertical way. Generally, “Data Labels” are used for the data or numbers given for each column bar.

Style 3:

When you need to choose shaded column bars, style 3 perfectly can do it.

shaded column bar

Also, note that the “Data Labels” don’t appear by default.

Style 4:

Using this chart style, you can easily increase the column bar’s width as well as the column bars’ shadow.

increased width

Style 5:

Whenever you need grey background, style 5 is highly suitable. Choose this style to put grey background over style 4.

grey background

Style 6:

You can get the light color to the column bars instantly by choosing Style 6.

light color

Style 7:

Using Style 7 can help you apply light gridlines to the chart.

light gridlines

Style 8:

In case, when you need to apply rectangular gridlines, style 8 is the perfect match.

rectangular gridlines

Style 9:

Sometimes, you need to have a dark background and for this style 9 is perfect as it allows you to have a black background.

black background

Style 10:

You can choose style 10 to apply smoky bottom to each column bar.

Style 11:

To apply outside borders only to the column bars, style 11 is the best one.

only borders

Style 12:

Mostly this style is similar to Style 1 mentioned earlier.

similar style1

Style 13:

Whenever you need to make the chart extra beautiful, you can use style 13.

classy style type

Style 14:

Using this style, you can make the chart even classier and outclass.

classy style type2

Style 15:

This style will not only remove gridlines but you can increase the width of the column bars as well.

bar without lines

Style 16:

This style can apply the “Intense Effect” to the column bars.

intense effect

Things to Consider

  • You must choose simple styles every time.
  • All styles are different even if you find any similarity there’s still diversity.
  • You must not choose fancy styles when working on business projects.

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