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Usually, we need to track the progress of different tasks assigned to us, however, at times it becomes almost impossible to do so. It happens just because we don’t have much time to keep a record of several tasks we need to do. Microsoft Excel, on the other hand, answers the query of how to create a task tracker in Excel. Using a couple of tools, we can conveniently keep track of the tasks given in different projects.

One must understand how to create a task tracker in Excel because it can enhance productivity levels by giving maximum output.

Without further ado, let’s simply start working on the steps used in this process:

How to Create a Task Tracker in Excel?

Below you will find some easy-to-follow steps that help in using a task tracker to make a to-do list:

  1. Making of Column Headers

Firstly, go to Excel and make new column headers. You can name those columns with the information you wanted to track. It would be the basic data of your tasks, such as:

Task ID: The task ID will help you find it later. Also, it will help you differentiate it from other tasks.

Task Name: ID can distinguish the tasks, however giving them different names would also help you access them easily. It would help you remember the tasks by their names so that you can easily edit them anytime.

Due Date: Due date is basically the deadline of your task and it is one of the most prioritized pieces of information about any task to keep remembering. You can sort each task by deadlines so that you can complete them on time.

Task Owner: When multiple owners have assigned you tasks, it is important for you to keep the track of tasks under each owner’s name. Adding a column named task owner is highly useful because it can save you from trouble.

Task Status: Adding a column named Task status will help you know about each task’s progress. You will be able to find the estimated time for the completion of each task.

Task Importance: Sorting each task by the due date is helpful; similarly, you can sort each task by importance as well. When you prioritize different tasks based on their level of importance, you will be able to know which task needs more time and attention.

Additional Notes: A column named additional notes lets you put anything important you want to keep remembering about each task. You can add additional notes in this column, just for the sake of your convenience.

  1. Fill Details

Next, you will have to fill in the details once the columns are created. You may start adding information about each task accordingly. It is entirely up to you, how much information you will add because all the information you added will help you in completing the task in a better way.

  1. Use Filters

Filters are available to be used for sorting through irrelevant data. When you have a huge number of entries to work on, filters allow you to work smoothly without any hassle. Choose the “Sort & Filter” icon given on the right side of the taskbar and then open the “filter” option.

  1. Filters Help in Prioritizing

Using filters will help you in prioritizing each task according to its importance. In the column “Task Status” you can add filters to arrange your tasks as per their importance level. It will also let you know, which tasks are still pending and which you didn’t even start yet.

  1. Task Tracker

Now, your task tracker is created and you have a deep understanding of how to create a task tracker in Excel. By following these steps, you can add as many columns as you want as per your project’s needs and task’s importance. Adding more columns is not rocket science now, so add more columns to have a clear description of further elements of a task. Moreover, you can even use different colors for different columns to identify them quickly.

To Sum Up

Keep using Excel and you will be amazed to see the wonders that Excel has built-in. Once you get familiar with the different tools used in Excel, you can easily manage to accomplish your deadlines. Keep exploring and continue spreading the word!

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