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Excel is so versatile, that not only can you use it for data processing and financial management, among other things, but you can create barcodes in Excel.

However, before you can begin, you’ll have to download a barcode font. It’s free, and easy, and will come in handy for the following steps. Click here to download the font.

Once you have downloaded and installed the font, open Excel and input the number(s) which you want to convert into a barcode; make one column for the numbers, and another for the barcodes.

Next, type the following formula in the barcode cell:


  • For this example, we want to convert the number in cell A2 to a barcode.

We then get this result:

Next, select the resultant cell A2. and change the font to IDAutomationHC39M (it shows the barcode like this):

This is what you should get:

  • One fun trick you could do is to click on the bottom right corner of the barcode cell, and drag down, which will automatically apply the changes to the other cells, like this:

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