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In this session, you will be taught how to use this site. You will go through some of the basics. How to use it for your day-to-day purposes so to begin using this site. We are going to need to log into There so we’re just going to click the sign-in button right here. It’s going to ask you for an email address. If you have a particular email you use to access your company mails. You are going to want to put that one in here. Enter your email and password click sign-in, and I am gonna click yes. Here on this page, we can see all the different apps my office 365 subscription has access to You. Your organization will likely be subscribed to a certain office 365 plan.

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 For Example

How To Create Site In Ms SharePoint? The enterprise plan and the apps you have access will be displayed right here. For Example, we have one drive word excel PowerPoint, etc. We will be going to the SharePoint app, and clicking this will take us to the SharePoint landing page. Because we haven’t done anything on here, yet it’s showing us a blank page and says we don’t have any recent activity now. For any reason, you want to select a different app in the top left corner here, which is the app launcher. If you click this, it gives you a list of the different apps you have available. If any are missing from this shortlist here, click the all apps button.

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I will get a longer list for the rest of the apps, so although there’s no content on the page on the top bar here. We can see some icons the notification icon will show an alert anytime. There’s new information relating to the page to be seen. It will be displayed here. Clicking the gear icon will bring up the settings here. We can see, we have settings like adding a page add an app site contents and site settings, and later. We will go through these individually in more detail, and this is the standard help icon. If you need any online help, It will be provided by clicking this Icon, and here it shows the username of the currently logged-in user. First of all, we’re going to go ahead and click create a site.

How To Create Site In Ms SharePoint Create Two main types of sites

Now SharePoint allows us to create two main types of sites. Using two different templates one is called a team site, and the other is called a communication site team. Sites are mostly used for collaboration purposes like sharing documents. Creating sub-sites for separate teams whereas communication sites. Typically have features to be used for things like sharing news Updates, announcements, calendar events. Things like that the major difference between these two is that team sites have a lot more space than communication sites. It means they can hold a much larger amount of data. Because there are going to be a lot of company documents to be sorted. To go ahead and create a team site here, it gives a brief description of a team site.

The various things it can Do and since SharePoint is a cloud-based platform. It is accessible from any device, from your system, or your mobile or tablet. You need to have the URL and can log into Name the team entered this site name. It says the site name is available because it’s not being used anywhere else online also. It has automatically created the user group or the shared email address based on the site name. We entered above, and here is the URL that we will be using to access the site later. You can bookmark or use this URL here. If you don’t want to log into every time you want to access the page in the site description. You can enter a short description of the purpose of the Site.

How To Create Site In Ms SharePoint & Set the Privacy Setting

There are two options in the privacy settings there’s public and private. When you set it to public anyone in the organization can access the site. So, anyone who has this Email Address, with the domain name of your company will be able to access the site. When you select private only particular members of a group. For Example: If only four or five members of a group want to have access to this site. Then they can Access, it if we select Private. We will use public, it asks for the default language, and we’ll select English here. We will click next now. It says creating a site, and it should only take a few seconds to do.

Now the person creating this Site it’ll automatically add it as the owner of the site. If you want to give somebody else ownership rights, you can put their name and email address here. If you want to add more members to the site, you can put their names here. Owners have the ability to add content Delete content and provide approvals for certain things on the website. Whereas members can only contribute to the site, so they can add new content. They can’t edit existing content or provide approval for pending uploads. Some of the more administrative abilities that owners have. We are not going to add anyone here right now click Finish.

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