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Do you know what defined names are?

In Excel, you need to assign defined names to a cell or a range of cells, formulas, etc. Moreover, you can use them to produce maximum convenience when you need those factors to assign as data in similar or different sheets.

Here you will get to know how to delete defined names in Excel with the help of keyboard shortcuts, Formula tabs, and VBA macro coding. Let’s dive in to see how you can do this:

How to Delete Defined Names in Excel with Formula Tab

  • Open your workbook from which you need to delete the Defined Names.
  • Click on the Formulas Ribbon and then choose the Name Manager option.

defined name formula tab

  • You will see the Defined Names option given on the Name Manager screen.

defined name formula tab2

  • Click on Defined Names to delete. In this example, we need to delete Allowance, Job_Id & Name. For this, you can press CTRL + Click on the Defined Names you need to delete.
  • Press the Delete button.

defined name formula tab3

  • A warning window will pop up. Click OK.

formula tab4

  • Once again you will see the Name Manager window.

formula tab5

  • You will see other Defined Names.

formula tab6

How to Delete Defined Names in Excel with Keyboard Shortcuts

To open the Name Manager window, simply press CTRL + F3 keys from the keyboard. You will see the dataset has Defined Names including:

keyboard shortcut

  • Press CTRL + F3 at once and the Name Manager Window will pop up.

keyboard shortcut2

  • Choose one or more Defined Names.
  • Press the Delete button.

keyboard shortcut3

  • You will see a warning dialog box. From this, click OK.

keyboard shortcut4

Here is the final result.

keyboard shortcut5

How to Delete Defined Names in Excel with VBA Macro

Here comes another complex but interesting method to delete defined names in Excel. For this, you can follow the steps given below:

  • You can see all the Defined Names are there in the dataset.


  • Suppose you need to delete all of the existing Defined Names present in the dataset. For this, VBA Macro code is used.
  • Press SLT + F11 at once on your sheet. Microsoft Visual Basic window will pop up.
  • Open the Menu Bar and choose Module from the Insert menu.


  • Now, paste the following code into the Module.


  • Press F5 to run the code. Open the Excel sheet and check the Defined Name option given on the left side of the Formula Box.

You will notice all the Defined Names are deleted.


How Do You Edit Defined Names in Excel?

Do you know how would you edit defined names? With the help of Name Manager, you can simply edit the Defined Names. In case, you need to change the name or selected range, follow the steps given below:

  • Choose a cell from the dataset. Here we click on Cell B4.
  • Open the Formulas tab.
  • Click on the Name Manager option given in the Defined Names menu.

edit defined names

  • You will see the Name Manager window.

edit defined names2

  • Here you will find all the Defined Names.
  • Choose the Name you need to edit.
  • Click on the Edit button.

edit defined names3

  • The Edit Name window will pop up.

edit defined names4

  • You will see the Name and referred cell references. Change the Name and press OK.

edit defined names5

  • See the window appeared.

edit defined names6

  • You will see the name of the selected Name edited and modified.


Defined Name in Excel is used for many reasons. However, sometimes you have to Delete Defined Names in Excel. You can use the above-mentioned methods without any fear of losing data. VBA Macro trick is awesome as it lets you execute a function just the way you want.

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