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Have you ever wanted to delete pages in Excel?

Well, Excel is a superb tool containing multiple sheets with rows and columns. It helps in organizing your data in whatever format you want. Furthermore, you can even use this tool to execute different operations using the given dataset.

As you know Excel has many pages to work on, but usually one page is enough in most cases. However, other pages will remain open and you often never know about them. So, how to delete blank pages in Excel that are no longer needed? Here in this post, you will get to know the actual strategy you can use to delete extra pages in Excel sheet.

Let’s dive into it:

How to Delete Pages in Excel with Print Area Option

Removing unwanted pages in Excel sometimes requires you to use multiple options from Excel. You can use the Print Area feature to delete blank page in Excel. The print Area option here will not be used for printing the full worksheet. You can print only the selected area once you have specified the print area on the sheet.

Let’s see how you can do it:

  • Select the whole sheet from where you need to delete pages that are no longer needed.
  • Open the Page Layout option given in the ribbon.
  • Click on Set Print Area from the Print Area menu.

delete pages with print area

  • You will see some dotted lines that split up the pages. Place the mouse cursor on the dotted line and drag it down. It will delete the other pages on the sheet.

delete pages with print area2

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How to Delete Extra Pages in Excel with File Tab option

Using the File tab option, you can get rid of the unwanted or extra pages from the sheet. By default, the File tab contains basic options that let you make changes in the Excel sheet as per your needs.

For this reason, the File tab option is used in the process of deleting extra or empty pages in the sheet. Let’s follow the steps given below:

  • Open the File Tab from the ribbon.

delete pages with file tab

  • The File tab will open up the other alternative options. Choose Print.
  • Click on the Print Selection from the menu given in the print Settings group.

delete pages with file tab2

That’s it!

  • You will see a dotted line appears that splits up the extra pages when you are printing.

delete pages with file tab3

How to Delete Empty Pages with Page Break Preview

Generally, the Page Break Preview option is used to make changes in the page breaks including page layout as well as format changes. Let’s follow the steps used get another answer to how to delete extra pages in Excel worksheet:

  • Open the View tab from the ribbon.
  • Choose the Page Break Preview option given in the Workbook Views category.

delete pages with page break

  • You will see changes in the layout of the sheet because it removes all the other pages that don’t have any data.

delete pages with page break2

How to Delete Unwanted Pages with Keyboard Shortcut in Excel

Users who tend to prefer using keyboard shortcuts would become happier when they find shortcut keys for removing unwanted pages in Excel. Keyboard shortcut keys definitely can boost productivity when you are supposed to execute a function.

Let’s see how you can apply these shortcut keys:

  • Open the sheet from which you need to delete page from Excel.
  • Now, press ALT + P from the keyboard. This key command will show up all the shortcut keys from the keyboard.
  • Press SZ to change the sheet size or you can even change the printed area R with Page Setup.

delete pages keyboard shortcut

That’s it!

This is how you can easily delete pages in Excel by using multiple tricks. Excel always shows flexibility so that you can perform any function. Keep trying these hacks and you will become an expert in this field.

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