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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to repeat tasks in Excel?

Every now and then, Excel users tend to find themselves in a situation where they seek automation in multiple tasks instead of repeatedly doing them.

Well, Excel lets you perform this automation when you disable macros in Excel. Using a set of commands that allows you to automate any task to perform it without repeatedly doing it manually is called a macro.

Today, we will talk about how you can disable macros in Excel by using multiple hacks in the Trust Center.

What are Macros?

As already mentioned, macros are a set of instructions to perform a series of actions. It saves your time and effort as well.

Recording a series of actions in Excel can simply save them as macros and you can easily run them to execute that sequence of actions as much as you want. For instance, suppose you need to add a huge amount of sheets to the workbook, and adding them one by one could be tiring. Therefore, you can simply use macros to add as many sheets as you need.

With VBA coding, you can even make your macros more advanced because it adds a programming language that allows you to make your own macros.

Why do You need to Disable Macros in Excel?

Undoubtedly, a Macro can make your life easy but at the same time, you may have to face issues because when someone else opens your file in which you have added macros, it would be entirely impossible for that person to understand those macros.

Sometimes, it might be possible that your added macros are spreading viruses and malware that can result in losing your data. So, you need to disable macros in Excel for the safety of your data file. Whenever you will open up a file that has macros, you will be asked if you need to enable these macros or not. You should enable them only when the file is trusted.

how to disable macros in excel

In case, when you are not sure, about a document, whether it is safe or not, you must disable macros instantly. From Settings, you can choose to disable macros by default when you are concerned about security risks.

We have two options to disable macros in Excel:

In the first method, you can disable them by default while keeping the notification that says the file contains macros when you open it. So, it is entirely upon you whether you need to enable or disable these macros.

In the second method, you will disable macros by default while removing the notification. This method is useful when you don’t need the macros at all. So, you will not see that notification every time you open the file.

How to Disable Macros in Excel on Windows

Each method is different from others as it also depends on your operating system. Let’s follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Excel file and click on File.
  • How to disable macros in excel
  • Choose the Options given at the end of the menu.

how to disable macros in excel2

  • Click on the Trust Center menu.

how to disable macros in excel3

  • Choose the Trust Center Settings.

how to disable macros in excel4

  • Click on the Macro Settings option.

how to disable macros in excel5

  • Now, if you don’t want to enable macros, choose the Disable VBA Macros Without Notification radio button.

how to disable macros in excel7

  • Or else if you want to keep the notification, you can choose to only enable macros.

how to disable macros in excel8

  • Click OK and it will save all the settings. You can close the document and re-open it to check the settings you have just applied.

To Sum Up

Excel VBA Macros as already mentioned are a real-time lifesaver. You can make changes to any document as per your needs. Excel always gives freedom to enjoy automation when you are bored with manually repeated tasks.

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