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Well, you can find multiple approaches that answer how to duplicate an Excel sheet, but duplicating an Excel sheet is not an easy-to-go process. I’m not saying the process has complications, but the thing is you can actually copy a sheet to save time and hassle only if you are following the hacks carefully.

Sometimes, you have to share a copy of your Excel spreadsheet and for this; you need another copy of the file because you don’t need to share the original one. Besides, having a backup of your data is also important. Most Excel users don’t know how to perform this action that’s why in this post every possible trick is explained. Typically, every writer not only knows how to write an essay perfectly but also is proficient in Excel, enabling them to advise others on how to best complete a given task. So, let’s figure it out. Give a read to the following post.

How to Duplicate Excel Sheet by Dragging

Drag and drop method is super convenient when you need to move something from one place to another. You can copy a sheet in Excel by using this method as well. you just have to click on the sheet tab given on the bottom left side of the screen. Press and hold the CTRL key from the keyboard and drag the tab where you want to place it.

copy excel sheet by dragging

How to Duplicate Excel Sheet by Right-Click

Here comes another way to duplicate an Excel sheet:

  • Right-click on the tab and choose the Move or Copy option from the context menu. You will see the Move or Copy dialog box appears.
  • Choose the place where you want to paste it. Before the Sheet option, the place will be selected.
  • Check the box in the Create a Copy box and click OK.
  • This way, you can create a new copy of Sheet 1 before Sheet 3.

duplicate a sheet by right click

How to Duplicate Excel Sheet with Copy and Paste the Data

This method is the most preferable one because it does not contain multiple steps to follow. As the name shows, simply a copying and pasting function is needed. By copying the data directly from the original worksheet to another sheet you can paste it without opting to choose special pasting options.

It is useful only when you don’t want to change anything in the duplicate sheet and keep it like the original one. Select all the data in the worksheet by choosing the square given on the upper left side of the sheet.

In the next step, press CTRL + C, or else you can right-click the selection and then click on copy option from the menu.

Now, select all the cells of a new worksheet or else go to the first cell and press CTRL + V. you can right-click and choose the Paste option as well.

duplicate a sheet copy and paste2.png.crdownload

How to Duplicate Excel Sheet to Another Tab on Mac

Mac users always tend to seek help because they need special guidance because of their systems. By dragging to another tab, a Mac user can make a duplicate sheet just the way Windows users do. The main difference is just the use of the Options button instead of CTRL.

Let’s follow the steps:

  • Press and hold the Option key and click on the sheet tab.
  • Drag it anywhere you want.

duplicate a sheet on mac

  • Now, drop the sheet and release the Option key. You will see the duplicated tab is labeled with “(1)” and in case you already have another duplicate tab, the new tab will appear as “(2).”

How to Copy an Excel Sheet to another Workbook on Mac

You may have to follow a few different steps when you need to copy the sheet to another workbook. Below are some easy-to-go steps for this procedure:

  • Open the Excel file and choose where you need the duplicate file to be placed.
  • Right-click on the “Sheet tab” given at the bottom corner of the workbook with an original sheet.
  • Duplicate sheet another book mac
  • Choose the Move or Copy option.

Duplicate sheet another book on mac2

  • Select the workbook in which you need to paste the copied sheet.

Duplicate sheet another book on mac3

  • Tick the checkbox Create a Copy because it confirms that you are not moving the sheet, just copying it.

Duplicate sheet another book on mac4

  • Click Ok.

How to Duplicate Sheet Excel Sheet with Shortcut

A keyboard shortcut is super effective to save time when you need to make a huge number of sheet copies. For this, we have the following steps:

  • Open the View tab given in the Ribbon.

duplicate shortcut 1.png.crdownload

  • Click on the Macros option.

duplicate shortcut 2

  • Click the Record Macro option from the drop-down menu.

duplicate shortcut 3

  • Put the shortcut key you need to use.

duplicate shortcut 4

  • Click Ok.

duplicate shortcut 5

  • Right-click on the sheet tab that needed to be duplicated.
  • Click the Move or Copy option.

duplicate shortcut 6

  • Choose the workbook in which you need to paste the copied sheet.

duplicate shortcut 7

  • Select the sheet before you need the duplicate sheet to appear.

duplicate shortcut 8

  • Check on the Create a Copy option.

duplicate shortcut 9_11zon

  • Click on Macros once again.

duplicate shortcut 10_11zon

  • Select the Stop recording option.

duplicate shortcut 11_11zon

  • Click on the sheet tab and press CTRL + D. it will duplicate the sheet right away. You can use the shortcut key as much as you need.

Final Thoughts

Excel users tend to keep on exploring new ideas and functions that’s why the world of Excel expands already. The above-mentioned tricks are highly effective and you can choose any of them. Keep going and continue your journey with Excel.

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