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Did you ever get in trouble when you fail to see tabs in Excel, or you might have noticed that tabs don’t appear in the sheets?

Well, this could be an annoying thing and you must be wondering how you can solve this issue quickly. Users often tend to report this issue while working on Excel sheets. Tabs are placed at the end of the screen and sometimes changes in the settings make this issue happen.

Before revealing the tricks to how to get tabs back, let’s discuss the potential causes of why Excel sheets don’t display the tabs. Several reasons exist that make your Excel sheet tabs disappear. Below are some common reasons you can find:

  • It might be possible that you have hidden sheets.
  • Sometimes the window size does not suit the display.
  • Display options of your workbook could be deactivated.
  • You might be restoring the multiple Excel windows and moving the sheet window.
  • Your screen resolution might be too loud that the bottom tabs get vanished from the screen.
  • The horizontal scroll bar could be the reason that tabs get hidden.

How to Get Tabs Back When All the Sheet Tabs are Missing

You must have a sheet tab whenever you open an Excel workbook. It does not matter if the sheet is new or if you already have worked on it. at least one tab must be there on the bottom of the sheet.

when sheet tabs are missing

In case, when there is no sheet tab, it clearly shows that you have to open the settings menu and check why you are facing this issue.

when sheet tabs are missing2

For this, let’s find out the complete procedure:

  • Open the File tab.

when sheet tabs are missing3

  • Click Options.

when sheet tabs are missing4

  • Click on the Advanced option from the Options dialog box.

when sheet tabs are missing5

  • Now, scroll down to the Display Options for this workbook menu.
  • Check the Show sheet tabs option.

when sheet tabs are missing6

How to Get Tabs Back: Check Microsoft Excel Window Size

Sometimes, unintentionally you don’t know and many windows kept on opening in Excel and which can result in blocking the tabs on the current worksheet.

If this is the case, you have to check and manage the windows on the screen so that no windows overlap with each other.

How to Get Tabs Back: Activate the Show Sheet Tabs Option

  • First, click on the File menu.
  • Choose Options from it.
  • Open the Advanced option.
  • Navigate to Display options for this workbook.
  • Choose Show Sheet Tabs.
  • Click OK.
  • And then press the Save button.

enable sheet tabs

How to Get Tabs Back: Display the Hidden Worksheet

  • Find any visible tab in the worksheet. Right-click on it and choose Unhide.

show hidden sheet

  • Choose the sheet that you want to display from the Unhide dialog box. Click Ok.

show hidden sheet2

How to Get Tabs Back: Change the Horizontal Scroll Bar

In case when you notice that sheets are hidden because the horizontal scroll bar moves, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Navigate the mouse cursor to the left of the scroll bar.
  • Drag the mouse cursor to the right side when the pointer turns into a double-headed arrow. Keep it right until you see the sheet tabs.

horizontal scroll bar

How to Get Tabs Back: Use Navigation Arrow in the Worksheet

When the sheets are hidden, click on the navigation arrow given at the bottom left side and you will find out whether the sheets are there or not.

To show the list of worksheets, you can even right-click the navigation arrows.

Choose the missing sheet with the help of a mouse in Excel 2010 and previous versions.

For Excel 2013 and later versions, use the mouse or you can even move to a sheet by adding the first letter of the sheet name.

use navigation arrow

Closing Thoughts

In this post, you get to know about all the potential causes that hide your worksheet tabs. Not only causes, but you also find out all the possible solutions to how to get tabs back easily. Each cause has a different solution that’s why it depends on what causes your sheet tabs missing from the screen. First, you have to find out the main reason behind the missing tabs, only then you can choose a solution to it.

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