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A perfectly organized Excel spreadsheet does not have any errors. Do you agree with this statement?

Well, it clearly does not mean that your sheet will not have an error if it is organized manually. Whenever Excel finds any trouble in calculating, you will get an error notification instantly. Why it happens, could have many reasons and each reason has its different solution.

Excel ignore all errors is useful only when you can’t find a fix to the error or you don’t want to solve it. here you will get to know how you can ignore all errors in Excel.

How Do You Find an Error in Excel?

Before getting to know how Excel ignore all errors, let’s understand how you can find an error in Excel. Whenever a wrong formula is typed in Excel or accidentally you put an incorrect value, you will see a little green triangle pops up in the top left side of the cell where the wrong formula is entered.

If three or four letters appear before the sign (#) in the cell, it simply shows that you are about to face an error in Excel. Therefore, be careful whenever you note any sign because it clearly indicates an error.

On the other hand, when you need to fix these errors, you can do it. You can follow simple ways to ignore all errors in Excel.

Error Checking:

In the Error Checking menu, you can check on or off the background error. Apart from that, this menu lets you set the color displays for error indications.

Error Checking Rules:

With the Error Checking Rules menu, you can personalize the error types in Excel checks. This menu can make you able to activate or deactivate several checkboxes that notify errors in Excel.

How does Excel Ignore All Errors with the Shortcut Menu?

Sometimes, you may have to ignore errors in specific cells and for this, you can simply drag the selected cells with a green triangle. Click on the Trace Error option and choose Ignore Error given in the shortcut menu.

This option lets you ignore errors located in the certain cells you have selected. Once you have selected ignore the error, you will not see the green triangle.

ignore errors with shortcut

How Excel Ignores All Errors?

As you already know that specific rules are followed to check for Excel errors. However, it does not ensure that the worksheet is error-free. You need to manually turn On or Off these rules. You can fix these errors using two ways:

  1. One specific error at a time, e.g. spell checker
  2. Or directly as they appear on a worksheet when you type data.

That’s how you can fix the error by using this option or else you can ignore the error by un-checking Ignore Error. When you ignore an error in a certain cell, you will not see the error in additional error checks. Also, note that the errors you ignored earlier will be reset as well.

Below is an easy-to-follow method that lets you ignore all errors.

Error Checking Options:

If the formula you have entered is not correct, the Error Checking Options button will appear. Besides, you will also see a green triangle.

Steps to Turn On/Off Error Checking Options

  • Open the File menu and choose Options.
  • Now, click on Formulas from the menu list.
  • Check Enable background error checking option given under the Error Checking.

error checking options

  • Apart from that, you can even make changes in the color of the triangle that indicates errors.
  • You can select any color from the Indicate errors with this color box.

Excel checking rules list lets you check or uncheck boxes as per your needs.

  • Unlocked cells containing formulas
  • Inconsistent calculated column formula in tables
  • Formulas inconsistent with other formulas in the region
  • Cells with years represented as 2 digits
  • Cells with formulas that give an error
  • Data entered in a table is invalid
  • Formulas refer to blank cells
  • Formulas that exclude cells in the region

How You Can Fix an Issue in Excel?

When a user follows the Excel rules perfectly, chances are that he will not have to face any issues while executing a task. Once the above-mentioned steps are followed orderly, Excel ignore all errors is possible. Though fixing an error is not possible always however Excel has a solution to every problem you face while working.

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