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Excel spreadsheets are amazing to soak in tons of data easily. You can arrange, control, and share content whenever you want. Having text formatting is vital as indenting an excel cell while using a specific style or format needs a different way of functioning.

Typically, you will see indentation linking directly to the MS word and other processors. Though Excel has lots of other tasks to execute besides giving you an opportunity to indent data in a cell.

How to Indent in Excel to a Cell

Here you will get an idea of how you can make an indentation to the cells. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you have to open the spreadsheet to indent a cell.
  2. Now, select the cell in which you need indentation in your spreadsheet.
  1. Once you have selected the cell, click on the Home tab given at the top of the ribbon.
  1. Go to the Home menu and select the Alignment section. Click on the “Increase Indent” option. Basically, it is an icon having four lines and a right arrow.
  1. Now, you will see the content of the cell moves a little bit to the right side. Continue with “Increase Indent” unless and until the content of the cell sets to your required position.
  1. In case, if you want to remove an indent, click on the “Decrease Indent” option. You will find this option right after the “Increase Indent” option.

That’s it. This is how to indent in Excel as per your needs. Isn’t it handy?

Using Wrap Text Option for Multiple Lines of Text

If you see the content lengthens and goes out of the limit of the cell, then you can use the wrap text option. You can simply change the text alignment of a cell with the help of the text wrap option and your text will organize within a cell beautifully.

Let’s have a look at how it works:

  1. Choose the cell you want to wrap the text of.
  2. Go to the Home tab and select the “Alignment” group option. Click on the “Wrap Text” option. You will see the text is being displayed in multiple lines within the cell.

That’s how it works smoothly.

Indenting Individual Lines of Text within a Cell

You know that changing the indentation of a cell is possible. On the other hand, individual lines of a cell are unable to indent directly. Below are some useful procedural steps to follow:

  1. Choose the cells you want to indent.
  2. Apply the “Wrap Text” option to these cells.
  3. Go to the desired cell and click on it.
  4. Add the text in the cell. Press Alt + Enter and you will go to the next line.
  5. Use the space bar to put enough space while indenting an individual line of text.

Is there a Shortcut for Indenting?

Definitely yes, you can use shortcut keys for indentation. Press one key right after the other. Here are the keyboard shortcut keys.

  • To Increase the indenting of a cell, you can use Alt, H, 6. These keys are useful for increasing indent.
  • To decrease the indenting of a cell, you can use Alt, H, 5. These keys are useful for decreasing indent.

Using the Alt key individually shows the shortcut keys for the tabs.

  • To open the Home tab, press H.  

How Do You Remove Cell Indentation?

As you know how to indent in Excel, you must get an idea of how to remove indentation. You may consider it a bonus tip.

Follow the steps given below to terminate the indentation to cell content:

  1. Choose the cells with text for indentation.
  2. Click on the Decrease Indent option given in the Home menu under the Alignment group section.  

This process is very handy and you can do it effortlessly. The Excel will remove some space between the data and the edges of the cell as you click on the Decrease Indent button. Keep pressing the button until you get your desired setting.

How to Indent with a Keyboard Shortcut

Below are useful shortcut keys that help in indentation:

When you want to indent the data of a cell a little bit to the right:

  • For right indentation press ALT + H + 6
  • For left indentation press ALT + H + 5

Before applying these shortcuts, select the cells on which you want to put indentation.

How to Indent With Ribbon Option

Other than the keyboard, if you would like to use a mouse, you can use different procedural actions given in Excel. In the ribbon, Excel has options that let you indent with a click on a button.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the cells on which you want to make an indentation.
  2. Go to the Home tab.
  3. Click on the indent icons (as mentioned earlier) given in the Alignment group. Indent icons are available as per your needs from left to right.

Remember that the entire content of the cell runs through the indentation process. That’s why if you have more than one line in the cell, all the lines would be indented.

How to Indent Individual Lines in the Same Cell

When you are having more than one line in one cell, it might be possible that you need to indent just a few cells and not all. Doing this is not possible with the help of the options given above. When you start the editing procedure in a cell, the indent options turn gray.

Let’s suppose you need to indent all the lines after the first line of the content. Below are the steps to add an indent option to more than one line in the same cell:

  1. Choose the cell and double click on it or else you may press F2 to activate the edit mode.
  2. Put the cursor in the cell where you want indentation.
  1. Add the space character to make an indentation.

If you want indentation in multiple lines, put the cursor at each line and add the space character. That’s how you can indent in Excel with the help of using several ways. Keep practicing and try new things.

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