How to Insert a Clustered Column Pivot Chart in Excel?

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How to Insert a Clustered Column Pivot Chart in Excel

Did you ever need to compare values across multiple categories?

With Excel Clustered column chart, you can easily compare values of different categories. But, do you know how to insert a clustered column pivot chart in Excel?

With clustered column pivot chart, you can have an easy comparison of one-sided variables with other side variables. Similar to other charts, you will find X and Y axis as well in this chart. The X-axis shows the year, region, or name labels, and Y-axis shows the number values.

You may find it annoying to make a chart or diagram in a pivot table. In this post, you will learn how to make a clustered column pivot chart. Let’s see how it happens:

How to Insert a Clustered Column Pivot Chart in Excel?

Below are some easy-to-follow steps you can use to add a clustered column in Excel. In this example, the given dataset has Actual Sales and Forecasted Sales yearly and regionally. Using this data, we will make a clustered column pivot chart.

Make a Pivot Table from Dataset

  • To make a pivot table, choose all the cells given in the data table and select “Pivot Table” from the “Insert” menu.

  • The “PivotTable from table or range” window will pop up.
  • Click on the Existing Worksheet and choose a location from the sheet to make a pivot table.
  • Press OK and continue the procedure.

  • You will see a pivot table on the screen.
  • Drag the Region name down from the fields of the Rows.

  • Now, drag once again the Year field to the Rows menu and Forecasted Sales option, and Actual Sales to the Values menu.

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  • Once you are done with the above steps, the final pivot table will be there to use.

Insert Clustered Column Chart from Chart Menu

  • In our next step, you have to add clustered column chart with the help of a pivot table. For this, open the Insert tab and choose Pivot Chart.

  • The Insert Chart Window will pop up.
  • Click on the Clustered Column and then press OK.

  • You will instantly notice the values from the pivot table are selected in a clustered column.

Edit the Clustered Column Chart

  • In the end, you will have to make changes to the chart.
  • Click on a bar and then right-click from the mouse to get options.
  • Select Format Data Series from the options given there.

  • The right side of the worksheet appears with a new pane.
  • Change the Gap Width to 20% as it makes the chart even nicer.

  • Finally, the clustered column chart is done.

Things to Consider

  • As in the first step, you have noticed the region and year are selected in the row section. Drag them to the column section to make to add the pivot table in another manner as it helps in easy calculations.
  • Also, you must ignore a huge quantity of data as it would be difficult for you to comprehend data.
  • You should avoid 3D effects while making clustered charts.
  • Make sure to use data correctly so that you can arrange the chart in a presentable way.

To Sum Up:

In this post, you have learned how to insert a clustered column pivot chart in Excel. The procedure is not so tricky as it simply needs you to follow a couple of easy steps. Make sure you follow the steps properly so that the process goes well.

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