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Working on an Excel spreadsheet is a fun thing, but sometimes-complex functions can ruin this fun all at once. Especially, when you are working with tables in Excel, you have to keep changing the format whenever you enter a new value or detail. The tables change constantly and it can frustrate you. In this case, you need to add new rows or columns in the table.

So, today we’ll get to know how to insert a row in Excel by using effective methods. Here in this post, you will get to know about different methods including shortcuts that help in adding rows in an Excel spreadsheet. The standard Insert command is the most common function when you often have to add rows every now and then to put new entries.

Besides standard options from the ribbon, shortcut keys are also mentioned in the post. So, let’s get started:

How to Insert a Row in Excel using the standard menu options

In this method, you will get to know how you can paste empty rows by using the Insert command. Below are some easy-to-follow steps:

Choose a row in which you need to add the blanks. For this, press the SHIFT + Space bar command while selecting the destination cells. It will turn them into rows.

insert rows with standard menu

With the help of row number options, you can even choose the whole lines.

insert rows with standard menu2

Open the Home tab and click on the Insert option.

insert rows with standard menu3

You will now notice the table has rows under the line you want.

insert rows with standard menu4

Shortcuts to Insert Blank Rows in Excel

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, now open up the box of shortcut keys that are useful in adding rows in an Excel spreadsheet. Though the above methods are not lengthy or tricky, however, this shortcut command is more interesting.

Choose the number of rows that are needed where the empty lines appear. For this, press the SHIFT + Space bar to pick the subsequent cells. You will see the existing data is moved down so that new rows can adjust.

insert rows with shortcut

Now, press ALT + I and then again press and hold ALT + R.

insert rows with shortcut2

That’s it! you will see new rows are inserted where you want to.

insert rows with shortcut3

Final Thoughts

In this quick guide that explains how to insert a row in Excel, you have learned how easily you can add a new row to the sheet. To add new entries and data, you always have to make extra space that’s why it is highly mandatory to keep things aligned so that you don’t have to face issues.

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