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Headers are used in Microsoft Excel to show the information that needed to be at the top of the page. Along with headers, you also can use footers to add information that is required at the bottom of the page. Excel has its headers and footers, however, you can make customizes headers and footers as per your needs.

Other than headers and footers, you can add built-in formats or specific elements including page numbers and images. Generally, headers and footers are used to enhance the looks of your printed file. And to look more professional, people often use this feature and it includes the current date, time, file path, page numbers, workbook name, and much more. As I already mentioned Excel has its predesigned formats for headers and footers, but you can make your own ones.

In this post, we will discuss how to make a header in Excel if you don’t want to use the predesigned formats you can make a new one. In the worksheet view, you most likely have noticed that headers and footers don’t show up, they are visible only in Print Preview and Page Layout view.

How to Make a Header in Excel?

Adding a header in Excel sheet is not rocket science.

You can make a header without rehearsing the steps:

  • Open the Insert tab and click on the Text group.
  • Click on the Header & Footer option and the worksheet will turn into the Page Layout view.

  • Now, here you can make a header of your choice. You can add any picture or type text if you want. Or else you can add predesigned headers as well. you will see the central box is selected automatically.

You can manage the alignment of your header as well, such as you can place your header on the left side of the page. For this, click on the left side box to enter the information you want for the header.

Once you are done with adding information, click anywhere on the screen and the header view will close. You can press Esc to leave the header box but it will not save the changes you made in that section.

You will notice the header is visible on each page of your worksheet once it is printed.

How to Make a Custom Header or Footer in Excel?

Other than predesigned formats, you can make your own designs to be placed as header or footer. You are free to add custom text or pictures in the header or footer.

  • Click on the Header & Footer option given in the Insert tab.
  • Click on the box given at the top and one box is given at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Add your text to these boxes.
  • Other than text, you can add images as well. for this, you will have to open the predefined formats from the Design tab given in the Header & Footer Elements.

You will see how custom headers and footers are made. Most Companies use their logos in headers and other basic information (page numbers, current date, workbook name) in the footers of their documents.

In the central header box, add the File Name.

Choose the right box and add the Page Number in that box. You will see the numbers showing up.

Click anywhere in the right box and you can add the word “Page” beside the code that unties the word and the code with a space character as seen in this image:

Furthermore, you can add the Number of Pages as well in the same box. Click on the button on the ribbon and type “of” in between the codes to show your Excel header like “Page 1 of 3.”

In the end, add the company logo in the left box. Click the Picture button and find the image file that you want to add.

Click Insert and the picture code will be added to the header.

Once you are out of the header box, the real picture will reveal.

Final Thoughts

This is how to make a header in Excel and I think it is not so difficult. Anyone can master this feature without trouble. The process is really simple and interesting. Make your worksheets exciting and attractive by adding headers and footers.

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