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Excel allows you to make your datasheet presentable in a way that other people can understand it without any trouble. With an Excel sheet, you can make use of unlimited cell ranges to spread data evenly. You can add titles in Excel so that your data in the sheet becomes highlighted.

Basically, titles are used for making distinctions between one file to another. Well, this is not the only use of titles; even you can change the appearance of your sheet by adding style and colors to it. To get started with a work page, you can use titles or even add them directly to a chart. Similar to other features in Excel, titles are also customizable such as you can add, edit, shift, or design them the way you want.

What are Titles and Headers in Excel?

With a title and header, you can make a file identifiable as it has a different group of data. You can customize each title and header to make it according to your purpose. Titles can be of any length and size plus you can add multiple fonts, italics, bold effects, and other styling options. Titles are used for a reader to find data and understand it easily. Each title is efficient and simple to add to a sheet or table.

Types of Titles in Excel

We have managed to gather a few types of titles in Excel that you can use according to the situation:

File Name

Each Excel sheet has a specific name that appears to be a title. The file name is known to be the first title that a user sees first. The file name is the first thing that helps you find the document on the system.

Spreadsheet Title Name

An Excel file contains more than one sheet following one another. By default, the first sheet is named Sheet1, which is modifiable.

Spreadsheet Header

A spreadsheet header is an official title used for the individual sheet. Using this kind of header will let you appear on the upper and lower side of the document.

Top Row Header

In the first row of a sheet, this header title is added. With the freezing feature, a row can be prominent at the top of the sheet.

Single Column or Row Name

You can give a title name to each column or row. For instance, if a column name is “A” or the row number is “1”, you will use these names as the titles every time you need to go to this row or column.

A chart or Graph Title

Using this title, a specific chart or graphic appears on the sheet. When you use a title for a diagram, you can interpret the data used in the chart easily.

Dynamic Chart Titles

This kind of title is capable enough to update by default when you need to add new data to an already existing dataset. When you have new data to be added, you can set up a dynamic chart title.

How to Make a Title with Header & Footer?

With the help of the Header & Footer feature, you can easily make a title for the Excel sheet. You just need to open the Insert Tab from the Ribbon and choose the Header & Footer option in the Text.

title with header footer

By clicking on this option, you will instantly see options for the Header and Footer menus:

title with header footer2

Put text in the header box by simply clicking anywhere in the sheet.

When you click on this option, your view will change back by clicking on the View option and then Workbook Views. Choose the Normal option from the Workbook Views.

title with header footer3

The header and footer are now added to the sheet and you can simply print it.

In the Header & Footer option, you can find other tools as well:

title with header footer4

Using these tools will let you add page numbers, times, current dates, or even pictures in the title.

How to Make a Title in Excel with Merge & Center?

We have another hack that helps you make a title in Excel. With Merge & Center option, you can make a title in the sheet. For this, you just have to add a new row as the first row.

Now, enter the title in the targeted cell.

Choose this cell and other cells as well that make the title. Open the Home tab, choose the Alignment option, and then click on Merge & Center.

title with merge n center

Now, you can see the title appears above the table and covers the range A1:E1 from the first to the last column of the table.


That’s it!

Today you have learned how to make a title in Excel by using multiple methods. An Excel user always tends to find different ways to perform a function. Keep exploring Excel and get success.

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