How to Move Rows in Excel – Swap Rows in Excel

How to Move Rows in Excel – Swap Rows in Excel

How to Move Rows in Excel – Swap Rows in Excel

An Excel spreadsheet helps in making your data organized and managed according to your needs. Therefore, modifying data formats in the sheet is not a big deal because you always have to add more and more details to the sheet. For this, you need to keep organizing and managing the sheet every time you enter some new value. When data is kept on adding to the sheet, sometimes you may find it difficult to organize and manage because the rows and columns also increase.

To sort this problem out, you can move rows in the sheet and if you are unfamiliar with the process, let’s find it out how to move rows in Excel.

How to Move Rows in Excel using Mouse

Dragging and shifting the rows to other places is the fastest method to move rows in Excel. You can do this by using the mouse and in case the other rows are not needed to shift down, this method is highly recommended. Here you will see the first row of the table is moved to other places. Let’s see how this procedure works:

From the data, choose the entire row.

move rows with mouse

Now, place the mouse cursor on the edge of the selected row and the cursor will turn into Move Pointer.

move rows with mouse2

Press the SHIFT key from the keyboard and drag the cell to where you want to move it.

move rows with mouse3

Once it is placed in the required position, you will see the row is moved successfully to the rows after the line.

move rows with mouse4

These steps are super easy and you can repeat them to move further rows down.

How to Move Rows in Excel using Custom Sort Command

To rearrange all the existing rows in the data, this method is suitable. On the other hand, this method is also helpful in moving rows in a table or Excel sheet. Before rearranging the data, you first have to assign a number to each row so that you can sort down data by using these number rows. Below are the steps to follow:

First of all, you have to add a new column and for this, choose the Insert option given in the context menu and right-click on the column number.

move rows with custom sort command

Put a number for each row in the new column. The number order will show the order of rearranged rows.

move rows with custom sort command2

Select the entire data.

Open the home tab from the ribbon and choose Sort & Filter option given in the Editing menu.

Select Custom Sort from the drop-down menu.

move rows with custom sort command3

You will see a Sort dialog box. Choose Sorting No. from the Column box and click on the Smallest to Largest option from the Order field.

move rows with custom sort command4

Now, click OK and your selected rows are moved safely.

move rows with custom sort command5

By deleting the extra column we added in the first step, you will get back your original data.

move rows with custom sort command6

How to Move Rows in Excel using CTRL Key

In this procedure, you have to use the CTRL command key from the keyboard. By pressing the CTRL key you can drag the row to another place. Below are some easy-to-follow steps:

Choose the row you need to move.

move rows ctrl key

Place the mouse cursor on the edge of the selected row and wait for the move pointer.

move rows ctrl key2

Press CTRL from the keyboard and click to drag the row to other places

move rows ctrl key3

Once this step is completed, you will see the row is placed in another position and meanwhile, the row will be visible at the original place as well.

move rows ctrl key4

Closing Thoughts

Moving rows in Excel is as easy as ABC. You don’t need to follow heavy methods full of unwanted steps. The above-mentioned methods are entirely convenient and useful. Keep practicing them so that you can have a better understanding of Excel.




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