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Excel does not automatically print the gridlines with the data when printing a worksheet or workbook. Gridlines make reading the data easier by separating the columns and rows from one another. Below is a side-by-side comparison of what the data will print like with and without gridlines in excel.

By printing the gridlines, the data is separated, and it is easier to read across the rows.

How to Show Gridlines in Excel When Printing

To turn on the Print Gridlines:

  1. Go to the Page LayoutTab in the Ribbon
  2. Find the Sheet Options Box
  3. Under Gridlines, check the box to Print
  4. Click the FileTab in the Ribbon
  5. Click Print

Please note the Print Gridlines feature is only applicable to the worksheet you have opened. If you want to print the entire workbook with gridlines, you will have to repeat the steps in each worksheet by checking the Print box under Gridlines.

You can also select the right-hand corner of the Sheet Options box to display the Page Setup dialog box.

  1. Choose the Sheet Tab from the Ribbon
  2. In the Print options, click the box next to Gridlinesto turn on the Print Gridlines feature
  3. Click OKto continue working on the worksheet or
  4. Click Print

Again, this will have to be repeated for each worksheet you would like to print.

The Fastest Way To Have Gridlines Printed

When working with several worksheets that will be printed out, you need to click on File from the Ribbon. Select Print to bring up the Print Preview screen. The Settings are listed on the left side. To print all the worksheets, select the first drop-down menu and select Print Entire Workbook.

Underneath the Settings at the very bottom will be a link to open the Page Setup dialog box. Toggle through the worksheets by clicking the arrows. Once the worksheet you wish to change is visible, open the Page Setup and follow the steps above to turn on the Print Gridlines feature. Once you have turned Print Gridlines on for each worksheet, click Print.

Excel Only Prints the Gridlines

That is around data, so the empty cells within the worksheet aren’t going to have gridlines displayed. For instance, if you wanted to add a blank cell to the bottom of the column for additional figures to be hand-entered, you will have to insert Borders around the cells.

Another option is to include the empty cells within the print area. Within the worksheet, select all Columns and Rows that you want to print. Click on the File Tab and select Print. Within the first drop-down menu of the Settings, click Print Selection.

Turn on the Print Gridlines feature by opening the Page Setup and completing the steps. Now, all selected cells will have gridlines around them, even the cells without data.

How To Show Gridlines In Excel When Printing If Gridlines Aren’t Showing Up

Even though the box has been checked, Draft Quality has not been turned on. First, open the Page Setup dialog box. Just under the Print Gridlines in the Print options section, you will find Draft Quality. Make sure the box is unchecked. Draft Quality doesn’t include graphs, or graphics, or gridlines in excel. It is simply the raw data.

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