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Excel Add-ins are basically additional features used to enhance your work. Add-ins are not built-in features of Excel, however, by installing add-ins you can easily use them.  One of the many reasons is the intricacy of the file in which these add-ins are used that’s why we have to remove them from Excel.

Today, we’ll find simple ways that let you know how to remove Excel add-ins.

What is an Excel Add-In?

Before further discussion, let’s understand what is an Excel add-in.

Do you know a VBA macro?

Well, Add-in is a similar file that contains macros and uses the .xlam extension. When you open a file with Add-ins, you will not be able to find worksheets and the macros are accessible by using buttons added to the toolbar or ribbon.

Once the add-ins are installed, you will see the .xlam file whenever you open Excel. When you don’t need an add-in, simply you can disable them just like other features. If you don’t want to disable add-ins you can even remove them.

Add-ins appear in multiple forms, such as:

Excel Add-ins

These Excel files are saved with an extension of .xlam or .xla. You can use these files only once.

COM Add-ins

This needs to have a complete software installation for proper functionality.

Office Download Store Add-ins

These add-ins are not free, you need to make a purchase via the Microsoft Office Add-ins store.

Why Use Add-In?

With an Excel Add-in, you can save time as well as effort. Your work will be error-free and you can easily do tiring tasks quickly. Moreover, Add-ins are helpful in simplifying a formula in Excel and you can even customize the menu bar.

How to Remove Excel Add-In?

Besides having great benefits, you still need to remove this add-in once in a while.

You know that Add-ins are not built-in features of Excel, therefore when you are using an installed feature, it definitely creates troubles. With the help of the Options menu, you can remove the Excel add-in.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Open the File tab given on the ribbon.

add ins option menu

  • The home page of Excel will open up; now, choose the Options menu.

add ins option menu2

  • You will see a dialog box of Excel Options.
  • Click on the Add-ins category.
  • Choose the Excel Add-ins option from the Manage drop-down menu bar.

add ins option menu3

  • Press the Go button once you have selected Excel Add-ins.

add ins option menu4

  • Now, the Add-ins dialog box will appear.
  • Now, uncheck the add-ins you need to remove.
  • Click on the OK button to close the window.

add ins option menu5

How to Completely Remove an Add-in?

  • Open Excel first and click on the File tab.
  • Now, click on the Options menu.
  • Now, browse the add-in file from the system.

comlpetely remove add in

  • Close the Excel window.
  • Now, go to where the add-in file is saved and simply delete or rename it.

comlpetely remove add in2

  • Open Excel once again and move back to the Add-ins menu.
  • Click on the Go button and it will open up the add-in window.
  • Click on the add-in you have removed.

comlpetely remove add in3

  • You will see a message box verifying if you want to remove it permanently. Click Yes.

comlpetely remove add in4

  • Now, your add-in is deleted permanently.

Enjoy the add-in free file!

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