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Along with other elements of data such as numbers, text, date, time, and graphs, you must have noticed some hyperlinks added to data. Usually, Excel converts URLs into hyperlinks by default. Clicking on these URLs you can directly reach these websites. Well, these by default hyperlinks are not used all the time because whenever you select the cells, it opens the websites even you when you don’t need them.

And this is the time, you get irritated and decide to stop this function immediately. Hyperlinks can be useful but when you are getting irritated most of the time, they are of no use. Unfortunately, Excel converts all the URLs’ email addresses into clickable links.

How to remove hyperlinks in Excel when you don’t need them to be directed to another webpage or online document. Here we have come up with some useful methods that can help you get rid of this problem.

Remove Hyperlinks with 2 Clicks  

In a dataset, suppose Excel has made hyperlinks in URLs or email addresses by default. Below are some easy-to-follow steps are given.

  • Select the entire data that needed to remove hyperlinks.
  • Right-click on any selected cell.
  • Choose the “Remove Hyperlink” option.

Once the above procedure is done, you will see the hyperlinks are removed instantly from the selected area. If you need to remove the hyperlinks from all the cells, you need to select all the cells and apply the above-mentioned steps one by one.

Remove Hyperlinks with VBA

Undoubtedly, the above method of removing hyperlinks with two clicks is super easy and quick. However, you can still have another option to avail yourself of. Using VBA is another exciting method that can help learn how to remove hyperlinks in Excel.

Let’s start with some interesting steps:

Using the following VBA macro code, you can remove the hyperlinks instantly from your worksheet.

Sub RemoveAllHyperlinks()

‘Code by Sumit Bansal @


End Sub

Now, let’s start with the steps to apply VBA code in the backend and remove the hyperlink:

  1. Copy the above-mentioned VBA code.
  2. Click on the Developer tab to open it.

  1. Choose Visual Basic.
  2. Right-click on any of the workbook items in the VB Editor.
  3. Open Insert and click on Module.

  1. Now, paste the above VBA code into the module.
  2. Now, close the VB Editor.

Using the above steps will make sure the VBA code is in process and it would help in removing hyperlinks in your Excel sheet.

Disable Automatic Hyperlink in Excel 

Before getting started with the steps of how to remove hyperlinks in Excel, let’s get to know how you can avoid being in this trouble. Follow the steps given below: 

  • Click on the File tab and choose Options.
  • Now, you will see the Excel Options window appears. You can even use the keyboard shortcut Alt + F + T to open the Excel Options window.
  • Click on the Proofing tab from this window and choose AutoCorrect Options.

From this window, you have to uncheck the Internet and network paths with the hyperlinks option given below the heading AutoFormat as you type the tab.

Hit the OK button and it will save all the changes in the document you have made.

Once the process is done, Excel will let all the URLs as it is and never convert them into hyperlinks.

You can still add these hyperlinks to the sheet by selecting an item and pressing CTRL + K.

Final Thoughts 

That’s it. 

You are all set. Now your sheet may have URLs, but you will not have to face the issue of being directed to some unwanted pages. You can manage or analyze your worksheet data without any hassle.

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