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A Watermark in Excel is sometimes useful but most of the time it is unwanted and you tend to find ways to remove it. Do you know how to remove page watermark in Excel?

With Excel, you will not be disappointed to perform any function, and removing a watermark is also not rocket science. By formatting and customizing the watermark can be removed easily. Watermarks let people know who created this page or who the owner of this project is. It usually helps in protecting the copyrights of any document. In Excel, by default Page 1 watermark appears and in this post, you will get to know how you can remove it.

How to Remove Page Watermark in Excel by Deleting Background?

Sometimes, a watermark is an image that repeatedly shows on every page. It is added as a background that can be deleted easily by following the steps given below:

  • Open the Page Layout tab and choose the “Delete Background” option from the Page Setup menu. It simply removes the watermark.

  • You can notice the change in both screens as the watermark is removed instantly.

How to Remove Page Watermark in Excel from a Header or Footer?

The above method is helpful only when the watermark is added as a background. If the watermark is not as a background, you need to change the trick.

  • The watermark could be in the header and footer of the sheet. You can analyze if the header and footer are responsible for this watermark or not. For this, follow the steps given below:
  • Open the View tab and choose Page Layout.

  • If the watermark is repeated at the top of every page, it clearly means that it is added as a header. For this,
  • Open the Insert tab from the Ribbon and choose Header & Footer.

  • Here you will notice the watermark but you will not be able to see it in the header box. The watermark image appears as “&[Picture]” and to remove it just delete the phrase “&{Picture]” shown in the header box.

  • As you have deleted the phrase from the header box, you will notice the watermark is also removed from the sheet.

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How to Remove Page Watermark in Excel with WordArt Type?

With WordArt, you can simply add different styles of items. It might be possible that your sheet watermark is the result of WordArt. And you can remove it easily without any complex procedure. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Home tab and click on the Editing menu.
  • Now, select the Find & Select option and choose Go To Special.

  • By default, Excel will select the watermark.

  • Now, press the Delete key from the keyboard and the watermark will be removed instantly.

That’s it!

How to Remove Page Watermark in Excel with Go To Special?

You may find this method similar to the above method as it also uses the Go To Special function. Well, both methods are not the same they just use a similar function.

Follow the steps given below:

  • The Go To Special function is used to find the WordArt feature available in Microsoft Office.
  • Open the Page Layout menu and choose the View option.
  • Click on the Page Layout option.

  • Open the Home tab and choose the “Find & Select” option.
  • From there, you can find the Go To Special option.

  • Once you click on the Go To Special feature, a dialog box will pop up.

  • Click OK once you Check the “Objects” option.

  • The image of the watermark is now selected by itself.

  • Press the Delete button and the selected item will be removed instantly.
  • Now, click anywhere on the sheet to check if the watermark is still visible or not.

Not only watermarks, you can even remove other objects including pictures and shapes. Therefore, this method is highly useful and you also have to be careful while using it.

Things to Consider:

Using watermarks is not something operational. They provide simple information about the project, firm, or owner. Not always you need to remove the watermarks. If your document is confidential, you must not remove the watermark.

Final Words:

This post explains how you can remove page watermarks easily by using different methods. In Excel, you can find solutions to all the issues found in any project you are working on. Understanding Excel is a blessing, that’s why you should keep learning it.

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