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Today, you will get to know how to save a copy of an Excel file. Although it is one of the functions that most users are aware of, however, in some cases, it might be possible that a user needs to find an answer to this query.

Whether you are working on an Excel spreadsheet or a Word file, you always have to save a copy of the file before closing it. You may have to take a break when working with a larger file in Excel because you are unable to complete the task in a single sitting. Therefore, you need to save a copy of the file before shutting down the system.

How to Save a Copy of an Excel File?

Similar to other Microsoft tools, Excel also has more than one method to save a file. You can either directly use the Save As button or else you can apply a keyboard shortcut.

Let’s dive in to see each method of saving an Excel file:

How to Save a Copy of an Excel File with File Menu?

To save an Excel file, this is one of the common methods you can use in Excel. For a complete the procedure, follow the steps given below:

  • First, open the File menu and it will open the Backstage View that displays a list of templates and additional options.

how to save an excel file

  • Click on the Save button located on the left side of the File window.
  • Don’t worry about the difference between the Save and Save As buttons, because both serve the same functions.
  • Excel displays the most recent folders automatically. Choose from options, whether you need to save the file to local storage or the cloud.
  • With Add a Place option, you can choose any cloud storage platform such as OneDrive, Box, and Egnyte for storing files.
  • When you often choose the same folder to save files, it will by default opens up every time you need to save a file.

how to save an excel file2

  • You can even identify a location from the Excel window when you are unable to find that particular folder. You can even click on Browse or More Options and it will open up the Save As dialog box.
  • With this dialog box, you can choose a location, rename the file, and make changes in the file type.

how to save an excel file3

  • From this dialog box, you can choose to save the file in different formats such as XPS, PDF, CSV, XML, etc.
  • Once the file location is set along with its name and type, click on the Save button.
  • It will save the file in a particular location.

How to Save a Copy of an Excel File with Save a Copy Command?

We have another great trick used for saving an Excel file. Save a Copy option lets you save Excel sheet. Let’s see how this option works:

  • First, open the File tab.

save a copy command

  • Now, choose the Save a Copy option and then select the Browse option to save a copy in your targeted location.

save a copy command2

  • Now, the further process needs you to follow these steps:

save a copy command3

  • The Excel file is now saved in the selected location named Save a Copy.

save a copy command4


In this post, you have learned how to save a copy of an Excel file by using multiple methods. Try any of these methods and you will become an expert in Excel skills.

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