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How we can quickly look for things or people that we need to find out for any reason? It is obvious that we need to keep searching
Outlook calendars throughout for several reasons. So, all we have to do is go into the quick search here. We click within and say, for example, we say Claudia, and we know Claudia appears in many meetings in all of them. We can see that we have all the meetings where Claudia is. Within either, as an attendee, it doesn’t matter, so it could be the first name and last name in a big company or last name only. Whichever keyword works best, we can look for the board meeting, of course, we have it here already.

How To Search Calendar In Outlook 1How To Search Calendar In Outlook 2

But we’re just going to say board meeting probably came up already just with the word board. We see that the board meeting is the only one that came up with this category. So, we can search very easily our emails, our events and find things at a glance even with a calendar. Now, we can just close this view by going on across here. And we are back into our calendar, now just a couple of things to point out, and we’re going to close down these calendars here. Let’s see, actually which one we’re going to use in November.

How To Search Calendar In Outlook 3

How To Search Outlook Calendar to Explore Reading pane

So, we’re going to leave it like this. One thing that we didn’t say is that with the view when we’re going to see, we did find the reading pane, and we took it off Initially. For Example, We want to put it on the reading pane, it may seem weird within the calendar. But it is not that weird, so we’re going to put it to the right. What do we wonder, maybe it is just like within the email. If we select our meeting here, we can see that we get all the details displayed without having to double click every time. We just go through it, and we see what the meeting is about.

We can also just quickly double click within and quickly click within a schedule here.  For Example, quickly put a note for ourselves is a test, and then hit Enter. What we just entered doesn’t matter. We don’t need to have this window displaying, but just to show that we don’t need to double click to put a quick reminder for ourselves. We can just easily insert it here.


For Example:


Put its high importance for us as a reminder, so it’s easy and powerful. Once we know the tricks and we can choose the view to personalize them the way we like. You may prefer it at the bottom. So just minimize and maximize as much as you like here. We have seen the calendar in many different details and the email. That’s how to search Outlook calendar easily without getting in trouble.

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