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Are you wondering how to shift cells down in Excel?

Excel undoubtedly has many features yet more to come. Performing analytical functions is not an easy-to-go thing, you always have to be alert while doing some calculations. Sometimes you need to rearrange the data according to new settings. You may have to change, shift, or replace the existing data with some new values to make an updated dataset.

In this procedure, you will need to shift cells down or up to manage space in the workbook. Here you will get to know how you can easily shift cells down in Excel without making any mess.

Useful Hacks to Shift Cells Down in Excel

Below you will see some easy-to-follow methods with complete steps and images. Let’s have a look at each method:

Method 1: Shift Cells Using Keyboard Shortcut

The shortcut method has always been a favorite of users because it saves time as well as effort. However, each shortcut may vary according to your systems such as Windows or Mac. For Mac users, you will have to press and hold down the option key while pressing the return key.

The following steps are useful for Windows users only:

  1. Firstly, you will need to choose the cell or cell range that needed to move down.

  1. Now, press the shortcut key from the keyboard CTRL + SHIFT + “+.”
  2. An Insert box will appear in front of you.
  3. Now, choose Shift Cells Down in the box and press OK.

  1. In the end, your dataset will appear like this:

Method 2: Applying Context Menu

While using a mouse, you often press right-click to perform many functions. Rather than looking for a tab or ribbon on the screen, you just right-click from the mouse and the options will come up in front of you. Below are some steps to follow:

  1. First, choose the cell or cell collection.

  1. Now, right-click on the cell collection you did in the previous step.
  2. From the context menu, now you will have to choose the Insert option.

Eventually, the cell shifting procedure is completed in the Excel spreadsheet.

Method 3: Applying Insert Command from Cells Dropdown

Open the Home tab; look for an Insert command, which is helpful in shifting cells down in Excel.

  1. Now, choose the cell collection.
  2. Go to the Home tab of the ribbon.
  3. From the Cells group section, choose the Insert command.
  4. And then choose Insert Cells from the drop-down menu.

In the end, you will get to see the cells are shifted down on the same Excel spreadsheet.

Method 4: Utilizing Copy-Paste Feature

Apart from the above methods, this approach is way easier because it uses copy-paste feature. Using the copy-paste feature together with shifting cells down in Excel is a fun thing.

When you need to add an already existing row in the dataset we use this feature most. Because of this, we don’t need to enter values manually. for the entire procedure, you will have to follow the steps given below:

Choose the cells you need to insert. In this example, we are going to choose the last two rows of the dataset.

  1. Press CTRL + C from the keyboard and copy the cells.
  2. Choose any cell from the row that needed to insert the copied value. Here we chose cell B8 for the demo.

  1. Once the values are copied, choose the Insert option from the Cells group placed under the Home tab.
  2. Now, choose Insert Copied Cells from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the end, choose shift cells down from the Insert box.
  2. Click OK.

Now, you will see the pasted cells before cell B8 and shift the other cells down

Method 5: Shifting Rows Downwards 

At times, when you need to shift horizontal cells down in a row, you need this procedure. Follow the steps given below for the whole procedure:

  1. First, choose a cell in the row before which you need another row. Here we are going to select cell B10:

  1. After that, open the Home tab from the ribbon.
  2. Now, choose the Insert option given under the Cells group section.
  3. Click on Insert Sheet Rows from the drop-down menu.

  1. In the end, you will see a new row inserted before the cell and shift all the other cells down.

So, this is how to shift cells down in Excel using multiple approaches. You can try any of the above methods. Each method comes up with different steps and easiness. Enjoy your exploration and continue practicing new features.

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