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How to Square a Number in Excel – Two Simplest Tricks

Whenever you heard about squaring a value, you would think about the mathematics class. Though it is a mandatory function in all kinds of calculations it could be annoying when you have a lot of data. In this post, you will learn how to square a number in Excel with two great methods.

With Excel, now finding a square of thousands of numbers is a one-click away process. Let’s dive in to see:

  1. Using a Formula 
  2. Using a Function 

Both of the above methods are easy and quick:

How to Square a Number in Excel with Formulas?

Here we have two formulas that can be used in this process:

  1. Multiplication Operator 
  2. Caret Operator 

Multiplication Operator Formula 

=B3 * B3 

In cell B3, the above formula will itself multiply the number, and the asterisk (*) works as the operator for multiplication.

You can see that you have squared the number from cell B3.

Now, let’s apply the formula to other numbers:

For this, move the cursor to the bottom right side of the cell in which the formula is present and drag it down to a plus (+) sign.

Now, double-click on it.

That’s it!

Caret Operator Formula 

Excel allows you to raise one number to the power of another with the help of the exponent operator, which is also known as a caret symbol (‘^’)

In cell A2, you have to raise the value to the power of 2, and for this here is the formula:

=A2 ^ 2

Let’s understand how to put this formula:

Choose a cell in which you need to appear the results.

Enter the formula:

=A2 ^ 2

Click on the return key.

The value of cell A2 will turn into the square that will appear in cell B2.

Now, drag the fill handle until the last row of the dataset.

You will simply notice the square of the value in column B.

How to Square a Number in Excel with Functions 

In the above section, you have learned to square the numbers with the help of formulas. Now, let’s have a look at how different functions can help you in this process.

Below are the functions that we’ll use here:

  • The POWER function
  • The PRODUCT function
  • The SUMPRODUCT function


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How to Square a Number in Excel with the POWER Function?

You can use the POWER function in Excel to find out the number calculation that contains an exponent.

=POWER(B3, 2) 

Follow the steps given below:

  • Choose a blank cell and paste the formula given above in the formula bar.
  • In the formula, the second argument is 2, which is an exponent that’s why you will have to identify 2 for squaring.
  • Press ENTER key from the keyboard.

  • Now, apply this formula to all the remaining numbers, and for this place the cursor over the bottom right side of the cell that contains the formula and drag it until your cursor turns into a plus sign. Now, double-click on it.

That’s it!

How to Square a Number in Excel with PRODUCT Function?

With the PRODUCT function, you can multiply all the numbers present in the arguments. You may find it similar to the process you followed for the multiplication formula to multiply numbers. Here you will notice that the numbers get split by commas instead of asterisks (*).

Continue with our previous example, we will square a number, and here is the formula to use:

=PRODUCT( B4, B4) //where B4 contains the number to be squared

Cell B4 has the number 10.

To square the number 10, you need to provide this number to the formula twice. It will be as 10 multiplied by 10 gives 100:

Suppose, you need to skip the cell reference, for this, you must apply the function directly as:

=PRODUCT(10,10)// returns 100

Now, let’s learn another function SUMPRODUCT use:

How to Square a Number in Excel with SUMPRODUCT Function?

SUMPRODUCT is an advanced form of PRODUCT function that helps in multiplying the supplied number groups. It also adds the results you get of the multiplied groups.

You can use the following formula for the SUMPRODUCT function:


You will notice SUMPRODUCT function multiplies all the values from the cell range and then adds those values to form an outcome.

Mathematically it will be as:

(A1 * B1) + (A2 * B2) + (A3 * B3)

SUMPRODUCT function multiplies one group of numbers and then provides the outcome. You may find it as functional like the PRODUCT function. Here is the function:

=SUMPRODUCT (B4, B4) //here B4 has the number you need to square 

In cell B4, the number 10 is present. As you know the SUMPRODUCT function multiplies the supplied number groups. Here you will have one number group such as “B4, B4” which will be “10, 10”.

When you apply SUMPRODUCT to multiply 10 by 10, it will give you 100.

If you need to skip the cell reference in the function, here is the function to directly apply it:

=SUMPRODUCT(10, 10) // returns 100 

That’s it!


In this post, you have learned how to square a number in Excel in multiple ways. The above-mentioned detail is hopefully helpful to you. keep exploring Excel and spread the knowledge.

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